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The Weekly Bite – Monday 5th September, 2022 —Issue 2480

Hi All

I am writing this on the first day of Spring, September 1, in time for the newsletter which comes out on Sunday September 4. Wattle day today.

If you are a water-baby, you will be looking forward to hearing about the Aqua schedule. Usually we would have gazetted the Summer schedule by now, or at least have plans for when we will start the pool classes, including the Splashing Good Time class with Zach which was popular last year.

This year the weather has been extra challenging throughout August, giving us little insight into when the Solar heating will be working sufficiently to commence Aqua. The plan is to be able to offer water work in October and that is only four weeks away now. So we need to make a decision soon and set the dates so we can get the staff roster amended to cover the additional group classes.

Now is the time for you to consider any recommendations about which group classes need to go during the Summer months, and what we need to keep because there is member-support for them. Send any of your thoughts and preferences to [email protected]

Last week Katrina and Nessa, Charlotte and Bridie, had a great time at the Dickson’s Senior Expo. They tell me they were run off their feet and that there was a very positive response to both the Green Apple stall as well as the My Health for Life stall which is where Charlotte and Bridie were working, promoting our MH4L courses. We have some very interesting workshops as well as courses like MH4L coming up soon. Check out Bridie’s next workshop on “Secret Women’s Business” and be prepared to be educated in a subject that so many people see as taboo. Any woman will benefit from attending this and Bridie presents so well and will make it interesting as well as useful.

Keep up your great work as the days get longer. It should make it a little more palatable leaping out of bed in the very early hours if you are one of our Earlybirds.

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