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The Weekly Bite – Monday 6th March, 2023 —Issue 2505

Hi All

Have you been attending Brian’s Stretch class on Wednesday mornings at 6am. By now you will know that, currently, this is the most popular class at Green Apple, attracting such attendance numbers that we have been working on solutions to accommodate the members whom wish to enter the class.

Once we reached 18 people in class (with an additional four people having to be turned away) Brian agreed to take another class at 7am Wednesdays to open up additional access. Brian has provided this for a few weeks now. And he has explained to his regulars that the second class is not actually on the official schedule so that particular (second) class will only be scheduled when he is rostered to take Wednesday Stretch (which is almost always and he is only away if scheduled for recreation time off).

Then we realised that some people are struggling to meet their work or other commitments because they have been unable to get away from the Centre in a timely fashion. So from Wednesday March 8, we will have a 40 minute class starting at 6am and that class will finish 6.40am sharp (and I rely on all Brian’s class to help him stick to this tight timeline because he will need your help!) so that participants in that early class have time to leave the room so we can get the second Stretch class off and running right on 6.45am for a 40 minute class so they can finish up before 6.30am.

These Stretch classes are really important to provide for you because, as I am always saying to the clients I treat for soft tissue dysfunction, our body fascia (which is all over our body from the top of our head to the soles of our feet) starts off like gladwrap when we are born and ends up more like canvas as we age. The older and stiffer we become, the more we need to do to help our fascia retain plasticity, fluidity.  Stretch, Yoga and Pilates all provide help with this and, for people who don’t want to learn the art of Yoga or Pilates, Stretch provides an excellent uncomplicated alternative.

There will be space in the 6.45am Stretch class with Brian if you wish to trial his class and find out more about lengthening out your body to help with joint integrity and general body mobility.

Team member Zach will be married on Saturday March 11 so he will be away from Green Apple for four weeks. We wish Zach the very best day and every support as he goes forth into this new world of being a “husband”. Exciting times!
Bridie has been away on holidays and she will return March 15. If you are needing to book an appointment with Bridie it will be a good idea to do this now.

Keep up the great work you are all doing!

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