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The Weekly Bite – Monday 7th August, 2023 —Issue 2527

Hi All

Interesting weather! Some members are telling me that trees and shrubs in their yard are starting to sprout buds which would usually appear in September! We may be in for a very warm spring and a hot summer. Our Aquarobics and hydrotherapy program starting date always depends on the weather so the plan is to set the timetable up so we can roll it out in a timely fashion.

Members Peter Wise, Mick (Ned) Kelly and Larry Baker look happy here standing in front of the Squat Rack. Congratulations! You are the first three members authorised to use the Squat Rack solo i.e without supervision while you use it.  There is a process in place to provide this authorisation so ask for more information if you are interested.
Brian has made a new bar for this equipment to provide a lighter version of the very heavy Olympic Bar that goes with this machine. This new lighter bar has been made for the Exercise Physiologists to use with the non-Olympic weight plates for the clients they supervise on the Squat Rack. It will provide for a wider variety of exercises and will also benefit “authorised” solo use.

Keep up the good work wiping down equipment. Still totally essential!

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