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The Weekly Bite – Monday 8 January, 2024 —Issue 2548

Hi All

I hope that you coped well over the Christmas and New Year period. Brian and I were at Lamb Island and since the islands are relatively close, geographically, to the Gold Coast, we also had some amazing thunder and lightning, torrential rain, and lost power twice for more than 12 hours at a time.

The first power failure was on Christmas Eve day, and although we had very little festive fare in the refrigerator, we knew how many people would have had all their Christmas goodies stored away in their fridges ready for the next day, and if the power remained off how much of this would be damaged. 

The second power failure was on Boxing Day, when everyone who had cooked turkeys and made other perishables which needed refrigeration would have probably lost the lot. 

So for all of us who came out of the storms relatively intact, we have to be so thankful. I want to make sure that every member who has experienced difficulties in the past couple of weeks has support from us at Green Apple. If you have had a tough Christmas and you need help to get back on track with your exercise, we need to know so we can help. 

I know how important it is to resume regular routines and retain healthy habits. Our exercise benefits us physically, emotionally and mentally and when we adhere and comply to our Green Apple routines it provides a strong stable base for the other things in our life. And this is more and more important as we grow older. So much more can go wrong if we don’t look after ourself and make the effort to stay strong, stay fit and keep mobile and functional. 

As the weather heats up please do everything you can to stay hydrated. Last year we had to call the ambulance out for members we felt were at risk of heart and other critical issues. In most cases the symptoms were those of dehydration and required a saline drip in hospital. When the humidity and temperatures are high, I endeavour to stay on top of my fluid intake by filling three one-litre bottles with water, and occasionally a no-sugar lemon cordial, at the start of the day. I still drink tea throughout the day however I make sure my litre bottles are consumed by early morning the next day. 

It’s all in the planning and executing, and sustaining rituals and habits. This doesn’t mean we can’t diverge and splurge occasionally but having a framework around us helping us achieve our health takes a lot of stressful decision-making out of our daily life!

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