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The Weekly Bite – Monday 8th August, 2022 —Issue 2476

Hi All

Thank you to the members who have responded to last week’s newsletter about the changes coming in September in relation to fees for appointments with the exercise physiologists. If you didn’t get that week’s issue then I encourage you to read it.

I was asked for clarification on the use of EPC sessions with the exercise physiologists and also why there is such a big gap in  fees for one-hour appointments compared with half hour appointments. The easiest way to explain it is that the Medicare gap rebate for appointments (and this is also relative to any Private Health Fund rebates) remains the same, regardless of whether the consults are 30 minutes or 60 minutes.

To provide specific information regards the fee structure and the reasons for the apparent disparity in gap payments, I will endeavour to put everything in context.

The AEP full fee (if you are not a member) for one hour is $125 and their 30-minute fee is $85.  Members however are provided these sessions respectively at $105 and $65 ie $20 discount.  Anyone with an EPC actually receives a Medicare rebate of $56 on their 60 minute or 30 minute session hence if having 30 minutes, their gap payment will be $9 and if an hour appointment, they will pay a gap of $49.  Members whom have PHF to use instead will pay the $105 and $65 less their fund rebate.

In relation to having new programs made by the exercise physiologists and you have medical issues and biomechanical challenges I strongly advise that you have a 30-minute appointment to work through this in preparation for a second 30-minute appointment to provide the new program. You will benefit significantly from this.

Thank you to those members who have been supportive of what is planned, purely because they understand the business need to do so and they appreciate the value of what they get in their consultation time spent with the exercise physiologists.

Bridie tells me that her pain management workshop went really well and that those of you whom attended were wonderful to work with. She has had some great feedback and that is marvellous.

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