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The Weekly Bite – Monday 8th May, 2023 —Issue 2514

Hi All

Brian and I had a lovely time at Golden Beach last week. The weather couldn’t have been better and Brian body-surfed every day. We hit the ground running on Saturday and Sunday in preparation for our work this week and to catch up with everything that has been going on.

Thank you, Deb Charles, for letting me know that the Mystery Class with new Team member Jesse on Thursday night at 6pm was well planned and enjoyable. Good variety, little bit of many things, said Deb. Jesse will be taking this class now so come along and support him.

And with Charlie away with COVID last week our other new Team member, Nathan, was really able to help the exercise physiology team significantly last week.

The enthusiasm shown by both Jesse and Nathan is really worth bottling!

For those of you interested in trying out Brian’s Learn to Step class, he plans to do three more classes, Mondays May 8, 15 and 24 so do come and support this initiative. Not only is it good for you physically in a different way to your set program but it also stimulates your brain and we all need that!
It was great to see so many men in the first Learn to Step class because it is the sort of activity that both men and women can cope with (unlike choreographed aerobics which is usually more popular with women whom like to dance and move to music).

Toni will be having a small operation on her hand Monday May 8 to wire the bone chip back into place in her damaged finger and she has been told she should be able to do massage again in 2 weeks. She is really looking forward to being able start looking after her massage clients again.

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