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The Weekly Bite – Monday 9 April, 2024 —Issue 2561

Hi All

It was lovely to catch up with our Yoga teacher, Lezley Stewart, over a coffee last Tuesday morning. Lezley is a delightful person who really enjoys the life she lives. She delights in the Yoga classes she delivers and the Green Apple members who go to Lezley’s classes appreciate her and love her enthusiasm and sense of fun.

Lezley is also involved with a local radio station and is one of three “presenters/announcers” who deliver a live session on Thursday nights from 6pm till 9pm. One of her colleagues is called “Mr Grumpy” and I can just imagine how they bounce off each other to bring some fun and local news to people in the community. 

Lezley teaches a class of Yoga at Green Apple every Saturday morning at 8.30am. There is a fee to attend this class ($8 for Members and $20 for Casuals). If you are interested in doing Yoga and would like to know whether there is space in Lezley’s class, ask for more information at Reception.

Wanda’s Pilates Class on Tuesday nights is attracting both daytime and evening members. If Wanda is unable to attend for any reason, Brian usually steps in to deliver his Stretch Class. Like Yoga, Pilates and Stretch provide “mindful” physical activity where you can learn a lot of interesting things about your body! Jesse is next in line for training to be a Mat Pilates teacher and we are in the process of organising his training around his Masters studies at university. Jesse will then be able to deliver his Core and Stretch class on Saturdays as a Pilates Class. 

Pilates and Tai Chi will both be delivered as part of the no-additional-fee classes from now on. All these “mindful” classes, Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi and Stretch provide you with a strong base of physical activity suitable for any age, and particularly appropriate for anyone who knows they need balance, co-ordination, functional strength, pliability, mobility etc so choosing one or more of these activities as part of your exercise regime will significantly complement the progressive strength training (your weights program), your cardiovascular training (your exercycle and other fitness work) and your short Stretch session done at the end of your “gym” program. 

The weather continues to be warm enough to keep our Aqua classes scheduled, probably up till April 26. We are putting the pool cover on every night to conserve the heat generated by our Solar Heating. Some of you may wish to continue using the pool past April to do your water-walking and this will be possible. When I was rehabbing from both my bilateral total knee replacement surgery and my major right shoulder surgery, I used the pool to help gain greater range of movement right through the colder months. Was challenging but it was worth it. I think the cold water was more effect for my purposes than the warm water available in Hydrotherapy pools.  One of the activities I encourage post knee surgery and for anyone with oedema (swelling) in the legs is water-walking and to do this, preferably, in cooler water. The compression factor of the water squeezing the legs as we walk, and the circulation activity inside the legs as we generate muscle activity, can help reduce the fluid build-up in the lower extremities.  Water-walking after our workout is very beneficial for multiple reasons. 

If you have ideas on Group classes and have preferences as we head towards Winter let me know asap on [email protected]. If you don’t like to send emails, write me a note and ask Reception to pop it into my in basket. A couple of our classes have dwindling numbers and may need to be replaced so now is your time to make suggestions that may resonate with others who might like to exercise in a class but the current offering doesn’t suit. One thing that a Group class provides is fun and friendship as you all work together under the guidance of a Leader.  

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PS: Graham Edridge Funeral, Friday April 12th at Albany Creek Lakeview Chapel, at 2pm.


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