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The Weekly Bite – Monday 9th October, 2023 —Issue 2536

Hi All

Did you know that we are practicum supervisors for many universities and some schools and TAFE. You probably see these young people with the exercise physiologists and have been very patient in allowing them to “shadow” the staff. Charlotte herself came through our “prac” student  mentoring, as did AEP Charlie and AEP Ben. We have a lot of students coming through and we only pick the best to stay on with us.

Charlotte has always done a GREAT job as a Practicum Supervisor and another one of her protegees, Suzzy Revill, will be signed on to join Charlie, Nathan and Ben in the allied health room. Suzzy is finishing her studies and will be an accredited exercise physiologist at the end of the year however will start earlier than this to work on Reception and the gym floor while she has her inhouse Green Apple allied health training. Charlotte tells us that Suzzy will look after everyone fantastically, and was very well liked by members when she was here to do her prac hours.

I know we will all miss Charlotte’s happy smile, happy laugh and remarkable personality. Transitions in life are never easy to cope with and any time we have a change in staff, the Green Apple team and many Green Apple members have an adjustment period. I am very hopeful however that members who need to transition to another Exercise Physiologist will be kind during the process because it is not always easy to take over other people’s clients. Both of you go through a learning curve and there will always be positives in this process. 

I have been asked to be a guest speaker at Wantima golf course this Wednesday so if you intend to play on Ladies Day, I shall see you there. I plan to provide some basic information about fascia and how it can affect your golf, positively or adversely. Fascia is such an interesting topic and knowing how it affects us can help us understand so much more about our body. 

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