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The Weekly Bite – Monday August 16, 2021—Issue 2426

Hi All

It has been wonderful to see so many of you returning to your programs in an effort to return life to some form of normalcy. Despite having to wear a mask you have been intrepid in there challenging COVID restrictions and I think this is the only way we can live our lives right now. I don’t know of anyone whom enjoys wearing a mask but if it means we can get out and about and do the things we want to, surely we can weather it out until we are safer, and inoculated.

Thank you member Meryl Page for asking if we can provide an analysis of the ingredients in the recipes we select for the newsletter (into carbohydrates, fat and protein) for those of you interested in using this to choose what you are actually eating as far as nutritional substrates go. I will look at what we can do here. Until then we will continue to provide recipes that are healthy for the general population and relatively low fat compared to higher calorie recipes. .

The newsletter we published last week was actually prepared before the lock down so did not have any news about how we coped with the closure so I’ll give you some idea of what the Team were all doing behind the scenes during the time.

When we were told we had to close for a further week after the initial three days of closure, we had absolutely no idea how long it would last so we knew that we had to roll everything into place to keep everyone exercising and feeling supported right from day one. After our long closure in 2020 which lasted nearly 3 months we had a framework to develop our “closure strategies, processes, actions, roles” etc and this gave us a huge head start in what we needed to do to cope with this one.

First we had a Team meeting, ZOOM for those of us offsite (Brian and I had expected to be on holiday and collecting our Motor Home on the Monday so we were on Lamb Island) and others in the Team were masked up and spaced out on our Conference Room onsite.

Action one was to activate access again to the 200 members whom used our online Physitrack exercise pathway under our Home Health service during the 2020 closure. This gave them instant use of the programs they were doing previously. Big thanks goes to Team member Wanda who spent hours and hours working on making this it happen.

Action two was to create a list of all the members whom were not on the Physitrack database and  prepare to call them to explain what we were doing and to check that they were OK. So many of our members live alone and that can be a real problem in times where we have to isolate physically, all visitors locked out.
It was all hands on deck while this was going on and relatively new Team member Bronte tells me she was not sure how she would go with this and was so pleased to be treated so well as a welcomed call by all the people she contacted.

Action three was setting up our internal communication and Master Spread sheet that recorded every action and contact we were making and big thanks go to Nessa as the Operational Go-To and Charlotte for her amazing work setting up the computer spread sheet and then keeping it updated and keeping all the Team in the loop.

Everyone had a role and performed magnificently! More next week.


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