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The Weekly Bite – Monday August 31, 2020—Issue 2379

Hi All

In response to some member’s concerns, and also to allay fears in others whom are worried about the COVID situation, we have had an audit on our cleaning procedures and have decided to add another option to the cleaning of equipment.

We know there are still Green Apple clients, especially some of our Associate Members, who want to return but are waiting a bit longer before they venture out. Then there are other members who report there are still members who currently attend whom are not doing the wiping down of equipment after they use it to the extent they feel they should.  Our industry COVID-safe Stage 3 plan requires us to ask clients to wipe down before and after use For those of you doing this, fantastic. For those of you diligently wiping down after you use the equipment (even if you are wearing gloves) then please keep that up. Use of the hand sanitiser is still strongly recommended during your visit, as well as social distancing which is considered the greatest protection, for yourself and others.

To make cleaning larger surfaces easier, like balls and mats, we are installing paper towels and spray bottles at each Hygiene Station (the eight stations where we have wipes). These can be used also to do knobs, handles etc by spraying the solution onto the paper towel and wiping. There are two main reasons I want to offer this alternative cleaning option.  The first was in response to being told that some clients have trouble with constantly touching the wipes which are impregnated with the solution (they have an allergic dermatological reaction which can also be triggered by the gloves) and in cases like this, paper towels are preferable.  The second reason is that using paper towels is easier (bigger sheet) and can cover surfaces better.  Brian is actually making the frames to hold the towels and bottles and so far he has installed three sets. He will finish the others early this week so we will have paper towels and spray bottles in every place we have wipes. And once you start using this method and you think we need more spray bottles at any site, please let Reception know so I get the message.

Have you ever brought a guest along to Green Apple?  Coming as your guest enables the person to feel comfortable while they find out what the Green Apple can provide for them. At this time of re-evaluating so much in our life because of COVID many people will be realising what is critical to address and their health will be a frontline concern. And we all know from personal experience, as well as exposure to research which is abundant these days, that we can do a great deal to help ourselves.  If you have friends or family who would like to come along to Green Apple, you can arrange a single visit for them or up to two weeks of complimentary membership. The only stipulation is that they must attend with you, not solo, and that you look after them and keep them safe while they are here.  If any guest wants to know more about what they would be doing if they decide to stay on at Green Apple I will sit down with them to find out what they need, want, and then make recommendations.

Don’t forget to book in for your massage with Toni if you have a birthday card gift or still have your $30 Christmas Bonus card to use. I have had great feedback about Toni from members, so thank you for sharing.

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