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The Weekly Bite – Monday December 21, 2020—Issue 2395

Hi All

Amazing! We have all made it through an incredible year of adaptation and change.

Thank you to every member whom has shown gratitude and voiced support for the way the Green Apple team has handled this COVID year.

The primary objective since March 2020 has been to keep in touch with you one way or another, to provide opportunities to stay connected and active even during lockdown and to ensure that every single thing was (and is) being done to make Green Apple a safe haven for you to return to.

One Christmas card speaks for many of you so thank you Michele Dix for putting pen to paper in the lead up to Christmas.  “Thank you all for the brilliant way in which so many of your worked so hard with all of your clients to help us through this past weird year.  We clients really appreciate all the effort and super work out area changes for our benefit.  It makes our efforts to stay fit and healthily strong, a pleasure to work in the spaces.  Take a bow all of you.”

Big thanks Michele. Your encouraging message will be read out at the Christmas Team break up on Tuesday December 22. This is usually our weekly Team meeting time, time dedicated to keeping us on track to deliver the best possible services and care for all of you at Green Apple. Since team member Charlotte has enthusiastically organised a Secret Santa event, we plan to bring a small plate and celebrate surviving and thriving during this crazy year.

On a personal basis I want to share my belief that we are all making it through unprecedented times because of the incredible community spirit within the Green Apple. You can feel it, and see it, in so many ways from watching members interact, from observing the level of care the staff provide (genuinely and with a real desire to meet individual requirements), and particularly from the “ownership” everyone has of what the Green Apple is, does, and will do.

If you haven’t seen me personally around the Centre it will be because of the increased “running the business” time required now to ensure we continue to survive, thrive, provide the services we always have and to ensure we are prepared for every possible situation. I am absolutely dedicated to current and new directions we need to be committing to.

So I wish you all a very safe and happy festive time and I want to thank everyone whom has been involved in keeping Green Apple what it continues to be, from members, our wonderful Green Apple team, my husband Brian who supports me at every stage, and to my dedicated team of volunteers (led so well by Cheryl Ivory) whom have really made my time working in the Clinic so special.

Sincerely, thank you all,

PS:  Next edition of the Green Apple Newsletter will be available on Monday January 4, 2021.





















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