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The Weekly Bite – Monday February 15, 2021—Issue 2402

Hello All

Did you meet Rachael Byrne when she was here on practicum? Rachael will complete her three-year degree mid-year and will then do her Masters in either Exercise Physiology (AEP) or Occupational Therapy (OT).

We were so impressed with Rachael that she has been offered a position at Green Apple, mainly to learn Reception at present and then to progress to gym floor work (like Charlie). So, Rachael will be an official Team Member very soon and I hope you will all welcome her on board.

Brian has a birthday on Wednesday February 17 and my present to him is a week at Kirra where I hope he will be able to do some body surfing, which he loves. Of course, there is no show without Punch so I will be there too, doing my best NOT to clear my hundreds of emails daily. We know you will all be in the best of hands and will not even miss us.

I hope to have a Yoga teacher in place for when Sharon Bryce leaves us at the end of February before I go. I really want to be able to have continuity of care for the dedicated Green Apple Yoga group. I am very aware that they had a break of many weeks over Christmas and that they are just getting back into their stride with this activity. Sharon has advertised the position in her “Yoga positions vacant” resource but if you have any contacts whom would enjoy being part of our happy place, I would really appreciate you letting me know.

Just letting you know that our Tuesday mornings class at 10am is under review at the moment and that we may put on another type of class with Loretta at 8.30am that day and take out the 10am time slot. Loretta is investigating options at present.

Keep healthy and well!
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