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The Weekly Bite – Monday July 27, 2020—Issue 2374

Hi All

This week I have more bouquets than brickbats to share which is nice for all of us.

Bouquets to all of you who are working with us to keep us safe from infection at Green Apple.  A huge thank you to all members who are abiding strictly to our COVID-19 Stage Three requirements. The wiping of equipment and the use of hand sanitiser has been evident in the vast amount of wipes and sanitiser that we are going through. This is a necessary expense and it has been wonderful to see you embracing the risk management strategies rather than complaining about them (which would be very easy to do!)

Brickbats unfortunately to those people, observed by other members, not using the wipes on each piece of equipment they have touched. This lack of compliance creates anxiety, and even anger, in members whom are frightened about being exposed to the COVID virus.

So please, observe our rules and if you notice that someone needs a reminder, come and let us know at Reception so we can handle it as diplomatically as possible. We know some people don’t read signs, the newsletter and other forms of directions and are actually oblivious of what we have to do currently. This is often the case and once we explain the situation, they are apologetic and happy to do the right thing.

We had a full Team Meeting last Tuesday at 11am, the first one since we had to close March 23. New Team member, Toni attended as well as our new Yoga leader, Sharon Bryce and everyone had a chance to share who they were, what role they play in Green Apple and how long they have been here.  And is as a thoughtful gesture, our official Green Apple hostess, Shirley McGregor, brought us in a wonderful morning tea of scones, jam and cream plus a tasty dip as a reward for all the work the Team have done together to survive the closure, and for working so hard during the closure to make sure everything was on track for our re-opening. Lovely thing to do and much appreciated!

Toni, our newest massage therapist, commenced her appointments from today.  If you had a birthday during  March, April, May, June or July you may receive a phone call from one of the Team to ask if you would like to redeem your birthday voucher with Toni.  We have a backlog of  vouchers, as well as some outstanding $30 Christmas Bonuses, that need redeeming ASAP!  If you don’t hear from us , please phone us on 3261 1249 to book your appointment with Toni.

Keep up your great attendance and efforts to get back on track. It is wonderful to have you with us again!

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