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The Weekly Bite – Monday June 14, 2021—Issue 2418

Hi All

Wonderful news! Team member Bridie and her husband Peter have had their baby boy, Hamish. A little earlier than planned but both are well .

I have a few matters to share in regards to what I would like your help with.
First, please remember to return any equipment to their usual place, and wipe it down ready for the next member to use. This refers to any item like Lat Pull Down handles/rope, FOREVER ACTIVE weight stack pegs (I notice some are not being put back to the lowest weight), ankle weights etc.

Second, your towel that you use on equipment needs to be a full size towel rather than a hand towel. 

Third, wipe down the places you have had contact with, and if you are a member concerned about any non-complying members, please take it into your own hands to do a pre-use wipe yourself. I realise that this matter is a sensitive one however it is more important to keep our environment a happy and safe one than to try to change some behaviours. Confrontation regarding things we can’t change raises our blood pressure. 

Fourth, if something really concerns you let me know via [email protected] where you have direct access to me.    

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