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The Weekly Bite – Monday March 22, 2021—Issue 2407

Hello All

It feels as if Easter will be with us in the blink of an eye! Easter eggs and Hot Cross buns have been in the shops for weeks. This year is disappearing so quickly and it seems that so much must be packed into the time we have.

Do you ever look for information or read the blogs on the Green Apple website? We have been updating for the past five months and the most recent addition has been a video showcasing the Centre. I am very keen to have your feedback in regards to whether you feel this video explains and represents the special nature of our place.
Do you feel the emphasis on “wellness” comes through, and do you feel that you are looking at real people exercising rather than gym bunnies?

We know that there is too much static background noise in the first part of the video however we want to get it up and running so we’ll see how it goes and can reshoot that bit if necessary.
We shot this part in Reception without any preparation months ago. Luke, who has worked hard to produce an overview of Green Apple in operation, just turned on his camera and I just started speaking with no script.

Thank you Nessa for work done to help with the video, and all the members in the video whom were prepared to be part of the show. I am very appreciative.

We close over Easter every year, Good Friday, Easter Saturday and Sunday and Monday. This is a time that Brian usually does work around the Centre which is too challenging to address when we are open to clients. Easter and Christmas are the only times that we are not open 7 days a week. I hope you will still do your stretches and any exercise you can at home (I do mine daily regardless of where I am) and fit in a few walks with family, friends or on your own with a good podcast.

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