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The Weekly Bite – Monday May 17, 2021—Issue 2414

Hi Everyone

See the wonderful news about previous staff member, Steph, and her new beautiful newborn baby, Teddy.

And thank you member “Reevesie” for the great article you have written to share with us all. We love having you here as a member because of your positive response to life in general. It is very contagious! We plan to share your article in next week’s newsletter.

If you have thoughts to share that will provide positive messages to other members, I encourage you to write something for all of us to hear. So many people tell me really lovely things about their experience at Green Apple but they stay a secret until shared with others. It is not the same when I share it, the story of how you feel or the benefits you are getting is best coming from you.

And we want to spread the word about Green Apple. Every single member is making a journey here and we want to be able to share yours to help people outside the Centre realise what is really going on behind our front reception.

Katrina Bethell is working with a couple of very obliging members to bring you a Guest Visitor Rock and Roll class in one of her Friday Gentle Aerobic classes. More news about this soon.

As we roll into our Winter Group Class schedule, I am still working hard to provide class activities that will resonate with our current member base. Natalie, whom is our stand-by Saturday Yoga Instructor, is now taking Yoga Fusion on Tuesday mornings at 6am. Numbers are capped at 16 and you must have your name on the list to attend. We will also take Stand-By names for when we have cancellations. If you have to cancel, please give us 24 hours’ notice to enable us to alert anyone waiting.

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