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The Weekly Bite – Monday October 11, 2021—Issue 2434

Hi All

Team member Katrina has all the Green Apple Team psyched up to do the fund raising cycling for Mental Health Week this week. The goal for each of us is to achieve 110km or 220km of cycling in the week starting October 9. I have registered to do the longer distance because by the time I cycle to Lamb Island on Thursday and then back again on Sunday, I will have done close to 140 km. I intend to ride the rest of the kilometres on the Exercycle so I will need to do about 4 hours Exercycle also to complete my quota.

If you are prepared to donate, we would really appreciate your support. We have to raise at least $1000 as a Team in that week.  Go to the link to donate for Victoria, Katrina, Loretta, Bronte, Pat and Sonya.

AQUA commences this week so make sure you collect the Summer Group Class schedule. It should also be up on our website and accessible by checking out, click on Classes then Group Classes.

The photographer will be onsite again on Wednesday for specific shots, especially the water class so we are crossing our fingers for some wonderful weather. Both of our previous full day shoots have been a bit gloomy.

Are you interested in Sunny’s Total Knee Replacement workshop? Great value and information we all need to get our head around.

Currently we are working on so many projects behind the scenes. It is great having Zach and Bronte on the Team to help Sunny and Charlotte in managing the exercise physiology appointments. It is also enabling all the Allied Health team to create further frameworks, proposals and services in relation to work within Green Apple.

I have been so impressed with how all the Green Apple team are just getting behind every initiative we are taking to stay positive during potentially de-stabilising times. Not only are we moving ahead with our Online service Green Apple Home Health, we are also creating the framework for a Mobile Green Apple service specifically for NDIS clients. We are also expanding our pool services, creating Paediatric Hydrotherapy pathways as well as adult programs.

One of these new water classes will be Splashing Good Time which will commence in November, possibly at 10 am on Wednesdays. This class will provide water exercise suitable for Beginners and for people with chronic conditions whom need more tailored exercises than traditional Aqua classes. Exercise Physiologist Zach is working on the framework for this right now so if you are interested in joining in with this class, let us know at Reception.

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