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The Weekly Bite – Monday October 18, 2021—Issue 2435

Hi All

This rain has been great for the lettuces Brian planted at Lamb but not really wonderful to warm up the pool for the start of Aqua! I believe it was lovely and warm on Monday, the first class of the season…and then the storms and rain set in. Hang in there. It will be so hot soon that a bit of cool weather might will be welcome!

Member Margaret Davey is very keen to have an Earlybird Aqua class. I can definitely consider this is we have 8 to 10 people who will come regularly to this class. The reason it wasn’t considered a viable proposition when the classes were scheduled is that numbers dwindled in the 6am Aqua last year, plus the numbers going to current early classes are good and show there is interest in keeping them going rather than replacing one of them with Aqua.

There will be an Aqua class at 8am on Thursdays so I am really hoping that anyone wanting an early class will be able to accommodate their Aqua needs to factor this into their Summer attendance, perhaps come for Loretta’s class at 6am and go for a coffee and a chat at AHOY at 7am and back for Aqua at 8am. Yes, a long session but it’s fun to have a change in pace sometimes.

We have so many people with knee issues at Green Apple. Obviously we are all getting older, osteoarthritis is widely spread, we are either heading towards knee replacements or we have had knee replacements. We all need to know as much about our knees as possible so we can make the decisions about our medical care when the time comes. Even understanding things better enable us to manage our activities of daily life better.

Sunny takes a very good workshop on everything you need to know about your knees in relation to Total Knee Replacements. He shares with you some very valuable information, and can respond to your questions. Whether you are going to have surgery, have had surgery or just want to know more about this essential part of your body, book in to do this workshop.
I treat a lot of knee problems and I know how it can affect your life. And there is significant ignorance about why you have pain, what can you do about it etc etc. That is why we offer these workshops. Knowing more can really help.

I have thought about this knee issue quite a lot since I had bilateral total knee replacements myself. I know that people need to be assessed for what soft tissue has been traumatised in the leg(s) because of the joint dysfunction and I know that mobility and gait (movement patterns and postural alignment) need to be assessed. This means half an hour with me and half an hour with Sunny. if you are interested in this please let me know and I will set up a special package “deal” just for this.

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