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The Weekly Bite – Monday October 25, 2021 —Issue 2436

Hi All

I meant to tell you about the mini-Christmas party we are trying to organise this year. It is nothing like our previous efforts pre-COVID however it might interest you. Member Jim Mathers and his band, Lime Street, will be playing at Aspley Hornets on Saturday November 13 and we have tentatively booked for 50 people to go for dinner and stay on to enjoy Jim’s music. If this interests you please put your name down on the Reception notice board. The plan is to all order and pay for what we want to eat on the night so there is no fee we will be charging since it is a self-fund evening out.

Don’t forget we celebrate the public holiday for EKKA this Friday, October 29. We will open from 6am till 10am and Brian will take two classes, BodySculpt at 6.30am and Barbell Class at 9am.

Dickson’s Seniors’ EXPO is a one day event this year and will be held on Tuesday November 9 from 8.30am till 4pm at South Pine Sports Complex, 620 South Pine Rd, Brendale. We have been asked to do a presentation on stage at 10.30am and since I will be on holidays I have asked Sunny to do the honours. If you can make it do go along and support him. Darrol and Katrina will be onsite on the day to spread the news about Green Apple. This year we can only have one person there at a time so that will be a challenge since we usually have a team of four or five of us.

So many of us have knee problems or have had surgery to deal with knee problems. This is a topic that we all need to get our head around since we all have knees that can challenge us some time in our life. I thought Sunny’s workshop starting this week would have been swamped with enquiries. Instead it seems many people are prepared to put up with the problem rather than delving into what can be done to help them. Bite the bullet. Book in. The time you set aside for this will be well worth it.

Mid November, we will be rolling out our Splashing Good Time (SGT) class, some water fun for people who might like to do Aqua but a bit tentative about whether or not they will cope. Some people feel timid about going in the pool because there is a fear factor, or they have never learnt to swim.
So this Splashing Good Time class is for beginners, or for people with knee problems or other body-challenges and also for non-swimmers. Zach will be taking SGT and since he has a background, and qualifications, in teaching Learn to Swim he will look after you.

Another service we will be providing is Learn to Swim personal training with Zach. If you are eligible for Private Health rebates you can use this to help fund the sessions. If this interests you please contact Zach on [email protected]

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