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The Weekly Bite – Monday September 20, 2021—Issue 2431

Hi All

Hasn’t the weather been beautiful recently? Hopefully it will continue for all of you whom have school children or grandchildren with you during the next couple of weeks. If you are looking for something different for your 10 years to 15-year-olds to do, consider bringing them to the Teen Class on Tuesday. Contact Reception 3261 1249 if this interests you.

In relation to exercise for children you may not know that this is such an important area in Paediatrics, with a real need for tailored physical activity as a prescribed treatment pathway. We are able to provide this through our allied health exercise physiology part of the business and are currently enrolling NDIS clients at a young age. I have chosen Zach as the exercise physiologist to do further specific training in this field and he completed the study “virtually” (the training was delivered in Western Australia) on Friday September 17.

Since Zach is also an Accredited Learn to Swim instructor and most of his work was teaching children he will be able to deliver valuable one-on-one sessions, for children who need specific help, in both the water and the gym.

Aquarobics is scheduled to start in October so we will have the Summer schedule of Group Classes out soon. In addition to Aquarobic classes we will keep many of the current classes however if numbers drop below 8 in any class, that particular class will be considered “low demand” and may be taken out of the schedule. I am sad about this and I really don’t want to disappoint any of you but it is the way some classes are heading unless we have ongoing interest.

Going way back our Group Classes played a major part in what we delivered at Green Apple. I can remember (in the days when I was taking classes) I would have 20 plus participants up there with me and classes like Learn to Step at 8pm on Monday nights was chock-a-block. These days the demographics have changed at Green Apple and needs alter.  If you want to contact me in relation to Group Classes email me on [email protected] and I will get straight back to you.

On Tuesday September 28 we will be having a full day photoshoot at Green Apple, with professional photographers Andy and Emily from LP Commercial Photography filming photos and videos of various activities and classes.
The Team are so proud of what you are all doing and the work that they are doing to make it all work but it really is such a secret. One of our referring doctors came to visit for a look around and was truly amazed at what “these older people” can do. And I have been told often that unless people come to Green Apple and see what you are all capable of, people outside the Centre don’t believe it. So I want to take the Green Apple out to people who need to know. I hope you will be part of it if Tuesday is your day to attend. If you don’t want to show up in photos or videos then no problem, we will work around that.

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