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The Weekly Bite – Monday September 6, 2021—Issue 2429

Hi All

Do you believe that you are always hydrated when you come to do your exercise? It is critical to top up your body fluid content prior to doing any exercise. Now that the weather is warming up it is easy to underestimate what we need to drink to achieve hydration.

You would be surprised how often we have had to call the ambulance to check on members suffering symptoms that we become concerned about, just to be on the safe side. Symptoms can include blood pressure problems, disorientation, fainting, distress, and thank goodness most of these incidents turn out to be the result of significant dehydration.

So it’s a good idea to consciously drink fluids before you attend the Green Apple and keep sipping while you are here.

Our Yoga Fusion leader, Nat, tells me she feels she has had a good month and has been happy to see a few new faces. If you are feeling a bit stale with your exercise routine at present think about trialling Nat’s class on Monday evening 5.45pm or Tuesday morning 6am.

We have spaces available in some of our Wellness groups at present. If you have friends or family who would benefit from a combination of strength and balance then Steady Steps is a good option. If they have a referral from their doctor to see the exercise physiologist because they have bone density issues or are having falls, they will have their teaching sessions to get into a Wellness class bulk billed. Spread the word if you can. So many people who could be taking advantage of these specially targeted classes often never find out about them.


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