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The Weekly Bite – Monday September 7, 2020—Issue 2380

Hi All

I hope you had a lovely weekend. When I headed out for my walk on Friday and Saturday on Lamb Island, weather was lovely and it was so enjoyable.

You might have heard about the woman on Russell Island whom has been diagnosed with COVID. I might say the islanders are in shock! Friends of ours on Lamb tell me they take their isolation and their self-protection very seriously and not only spray all their groceries and anything that comes into their house from outside but they use masks and hand sanitiser on the ferry and, if doing their shopping on the Mainland, when they return home they put ALL their clothes into the washing machine as soon as they get home.  Brian and I have contact only with this couple when we are at Lamb and meet only at each other’s place…to keep as safe as possible, not just for us but for all those we are responsible for.

I believe there is some concern about the use of fans and whether they are allowed as the weather warms up. We are very blessed in that all our exercise areas are either outside in the fresh air or inside with excellent airflow with open windows and doors. The fans in Green Apple are deemed safe to use.  If you are concerned about this, ask to have your program set up so you stay out in the fresh air areas.  Whether you are outside or inside, the Green Apple environment is much safer than gyms which have no natural airflow and have to rely on air conditioning. We definitely have a distinct advantage in this COVID era.

A big thank you to member Deb Charles whom has written me emails about the DVD classes on Wednesday nights. I have combined two of her emails (below) that provided me with her thoughts and I am so appreciative to receive this. Providing the classes you all want has been a huge challenge in this COVID time. It is so good to know that someone is actually making the most of what we have offered.

Good morning Victoria

Just wanted to send you a quick email to thank you for putting on DVD Classes on Wednesday nights.

I really enjoy doing these and the variety is good because you can do two different classes each Wednesday.  Plus, I get a really good workout.

Also, I am able to do some classes that I would not normally be able to attend as I cannot make it to the gym when these classes are on.  I think it is great because some of the classes are on during the day and I cannot make them as I work fulltime and long hours, so to be able to do these classes whenever I can is a bonus.  I know some ladies have commented that at the restart of going back to gym that they did not like the idea of doing the videos because they liked the live interaction with the Trainer and that they would not get any benefit from it.  Whilst that is great, I take the other view that I am there to work hard and I like being able to get straight into it without any interruptions from anyone else (I guess I am a minority but that is just me) suits me to a T.
Have a great day.

So if you want good company and a good workout, come along on Wednesday night and join in either the 5.30pm class or the 6pm class, or stay for both.

Darrol will be away for another two weeks and Charlie will be programming for his Buddies during that time. If you are due for a new program, don’t wait till Darrol comes back because he will have a backlog. Charlie may just have a few ideas that will give you a change of pace. It is always good to be exposed to different people and ideas so give Charlie a go and then let me know how you went.

We must have a backlog too on people with birthday cards whom are entitled to a $20 discount on massage. Remember if you have a birthday voucher you will be able to have a whole hour of Toni’s massage time for $55!  Good idea to book in soon and get rid of COVID tensions.

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