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The Weekly Bite – November 16 2018 – Issue 2303

Hi All

Thank you to those members who turned up for our trial Gypsy Rumba class last Sunday.  You looked as if you were having fun during all the stomping, and shaking skirts, and complicated hand movements. Great to see men in the class too! I really enjoyed watching and felt quite envious. After the class we thought we would have enough interest to keep the class going and I contacted many of you to say it would be on again. Unfortunately the numbers are not sufficient at this stage so, with much disappointment, I have had to pull the pin on further classes on the Sunday. Perhaps it is a bit too close to Christmas. 

I will consider what activity might work in 2019. I really like to give you options outside your membership activities. People tell me they are prepared to fund specialised classes/events if they are held at Green Apple because it is a familiar venue to them and they feel comfortable attending things here. Also I am usually able to negotiate a better fee if I hold the class here rather than members having to source it themselves eg we have Yoga at $6.50 per class. Susan from Gypsy Rumba usually charges $15 to $20 per class but I was going to provide her class at Green Apple for $10 per class. So if you would like to have a new specialised activity at Green Apple and you are prepared to help fund the teacher (at a lesser rate than you will pay elsewhere), let me know. 

Hygiene is the flavour of the month as Summer heat hits us. It has not been unbearable yet however it will be coming. We have taken several measures to ensure you help keep the Green Apple environment germ free. We provide the disinfectant gel or spray for hand washing and, as when you are on a cruise, we also encourage you to use this regularly. 
We have TWO dispensers of wet wipes in the cardiovascular area and ONE in the Forever Active/Stronger for Longer area specifically for you to wipe handles, perspiration and any part of equipment that needs it after you use it. Also check that the towel you bring with you covers the equipment you use. With due diligence I think we can work as a Team to keep our place hygienic. For those of you whom have seen our Team Member John “detailing” and keeping our Centre impressively clean, you know we are serious in our intent to have the Green Apple spotless despite having large areas of roofed outdoor workout areas. 

Good news for Aqua lovers. Our Christmas schedule will have plenty of opportunities for staying cool while you exercise. You will receive your Christmas schedule with your Green Apple Christmas Pack being sent to you early December. GOOD NEWS also for every one of you whom have been barracking for more Aqua classes in the evening. I have been listening  to you, and waiting to see how the Monday evening Aqua builds up before committing to more evening classes. I have now set the date, day, time. From Thursday November 29 we will have a class schedule change, with Thigh,Tums and Buns at 5.30pm (which could have some HIIT or even some stretching) and then Aqua at 6pm for 45 minutes instead of the current 6pm schedule. If this change adversely affects you please let me know on [email protected] ASAP. 


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