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The Weekly Bite – November 22, 2019—Issue 2354

Hi All

Hasn’t the year just flown! I am writing this before the Christmas party at the Pine Rivers Bowls Club so I am unable to share how we all kicked up our heels and had a good time (when Green Apple members congregate together there is always such a great feeling of friendship and fun).

Behind the scenes we are flat-strap organising the calendar for all our courses and workshops. This takes a fair bit of juggling these days because we not only have our in house services and group classes, Wellness sessions, DVA Group sessions, Anglicare class, Wesley Mission Class, but we also have the government funded 8 week BEAT IT course and the six month My Health for Life course, as well as the co-funded ESSA 65 plus course. Next year we will add the Arthritis 65 plus 12 week co-funded program. There will be so many opportunities both for members, as well as for people who don’t currently come to Green Apple, to engage in safe exercise and educational sessions.

I want to thank our wonderful volunteer team who have helped Green Apple behind the scenes to deliver the services. The role they play facilitates certain aspects of the business and helps reduce the stress in all of the Green Apple Team’s amazingly busy days.  The Volunteer Team Leader is Cheryl Ivory and she has organised her group to meet with me for a break up meal at La Zucca. I really look forward to this.

The 6pm Stretch Class on Tuesday night will definitely be resumed up until Christmas and then we will check the numbers again and if we can keep them up to 8 or more, the class will continue in the New Year. I totally believe in Stretch classes and I am happy to be able to include Darrol’s class in the Group Class schedule again. It is all a matter of demand and sometimes things just have to go, so we want members to support this class. Just remember, as we age we become more like canvas than cling wrap. Stretch classes help lengthen and loosen us. It helps keep our joint movement fluid and “young”. Great for both genders and ALL ages.

The Aqua class numbers are building up so keep up the great work. Over Christmas and New Year you will be able to indulge in a glut of water work.

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