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The Weekly Bite – November 29, 2019—Issue 2355

Hi All

The Christmas party was such a success. Not only was it well planned so everything flowed smoothly but the venue, Pine Rivers Bowls Club, was familiar territory for so many of us and an excellent choice. The meal was buffet style and this enabled people to choose their own food and the quantities they wanted. My plate seemed three times the size of those around me!

The choice of musicians was a touch of genius. We enjoyed Romeo and Juliet at the party last year and they were just so “right” for us again, keeping us up and on our feet constantly. 

We had masses of Raffle Prize winners and magic chair winners. Nessa did an amazing job of sourcing a huge assortment of goodies to wrap as prizes. Well done!

So, a big thank you to the Green Apple Social Committee Joan Gregory, Pat Gray and Nessa Williamson. Another very successful event giving members, family and friends the chance to enjoy each other’s company outside the gym.

If you were not with us this year, put it on your “to do next Year” wish list!

It is time now to look back on what you have achieved in 2019. If you have had the discipline to make your “body-housekeeping” exercise a priority in your life this year then you should be patting yourself on the back.  As someone said to me once, “unlike me, you are not selling holidays, you are endeavouring to sell hard work, consistent effort, and asking people to trust you when you ask them to adhere to something that won’t give immediate gratification. That’s a very tough gig!”  So, if you are one of our members whom have invested in your health and wellness in 2019 and it is paying off, fantastic.

On Thursday November 21, between 9am and 10am, a car in our parking area was damaged. Possibly by a red car. If you witnessed this incident could you let me know. If you were the person who unwittingly caused the damage and you are prepared to share what happened with me, the matter will be treated confidentially.

Please drive carefully in our park. Providing off-street parking has always been an extended courtesy and it makes me a bit sad when these things happen.

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