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The Weekly Bite – September 20, 2019—Issue 2345

Hi All

Next Tuesday, September 24, we will be celebrating a very special day for a very special person. Barbara Donaldson will be retiring from her role as a Green Apple Team member to the status of a Green Apple member. Barbara has played a very important role here over the decades and, although we hate to see her wind up her classes and client care, we want her to celebrate her amazing contribution to the health and wellness of so many people (and her support, so willingly given, to her Team members).  We are expecting a big turnout to the farewell morning tea being organised for 10.45am (after Barbara’s final Tuesday Aerobic Class). Fellow Team member Katrina Bethell has organised the event and we are all looking forward to supporting such a momentous moment!  We ask you to bring a plate to share when you come. It will be a mighty, memorable, get-together. Don’t miss it!

The Summer Group Class schedule will be gazetted on the noticeboard in Reception this week and it will actually start from Tuesday October 1.  Please send any concerns you have directly to me via email, [email protected], or a handwritten note given to staff who will make sure I receive it. I will respond to you asap.

For those of you whom have loved attending classes conducted by Barbara, I have endeavoured to consider your preferences and needs. Since I know there is a group of you who like to go for coffee after class on Tuesday, I have retained your Aerobic Class at 10am that day and Loretta has kindly offered to keep Barbara’s traditional freestyle aerobics format going.
On Thursday morning however, there will be changes dating from October 24. From that date the class from 9am will be Pilates for 45 minutes. For four weeks, till November 21, any member can go into the class to trial Pilates without having to have the 30 minute personal training session with Bridie or Charlotte (which is required before attending the Saturday Clinical Pilates class) to learn the Pilates breathing method as well as the basics of Pilates as an exercise modality.  After the Pilates trial period finishes (November 21) anyone wanting to attend any Pilates class (Thursday/Saturday) will need to have one skill building personal training session in Pilates prior to attending the group Pilates class. Since this is a “free” class now, it is too difficult for Pilates Leaders to accommodate novices needs within this session.

IMPORTANT NOTE: On Thursdays October 3, 10 and 17, Loretta has stepped up again to deliver a Kai-Bo Circuit (30 mins) plus the usual advanced Pilates class (30 mins) between 9 and 10am. These classes are as close to what Barbara usually delivers and are not for beginners.

Yoga on Wednesday has dwindled to a very small number so Cherie and I have decided to trial Yogalates instead from 6.30pm till 7.30pm. There will be no fee to attend Yogalates and I am hoping this will appeal to all of you whom are prepared to come out at night. Since the Tuesday 6pm Stretch Class is being replaced with Aquarobics, Yogalates on Wednesday could be a very viable alternative.

For those of you who love the water, check out the set times for Aqua. Last year we had a relatively poor response to these group water classes and if we find the demand is better this year, we can look further into what is needed.



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