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The Weekly Bite – Tuesday 3rd January, 2023 —Issue 2496

Hi All

Congratulations to every one of you who managed to keep your exercise going over the Christmas/New Year period! I have been told that we had a good turn out during this time with “a lot of new faces”. Welcome to all these new faces and welcome back this year to all established Green Apples. It will be important for us to support each other in our wellness journey as we go forth into another year of COVID. I think we are all more resolute in our intentions because of what we have been through since 2020. I think we have become more aware of our immune systems and the benefit of keeping them as healthy as possible, and understanding the real role exercise plays in looking after so many aspects of our health, whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

One of the reasons I like to stick with my usual physical activity at all times of the year, or something a little different which still qualifies as exercise, is that the ritual of it all maintains a lifetime habit that makes me feel good.

These rituals and creating good habits are essential to our wellbeing and I can only hope that during 2023 you are inspired to create your own good habits and specific rituals. If you need extra help with this, a really good book to read is “Atomic Habits” by James Clear which claims “Tiny Changes, Remarkable Results” and provides a simple pathway “to build good habits and break bad ones”. The reason so many New Year resolutions don’t survive past January is that we haven’t the framework to make them work. This book can help with getting it right in 2023.

Brian and I had a lovely quiet but productive break at Lamb Is. We hope your Christmas was as happy and we are really looking forward to having you with us for another great Green Apple year!

Winner of our Green Apple Christmas raffle: WELL DONE Alan Drew! We raised $476.55 for PAWS Brisbane Animal Rescue – Huge thankyou

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