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Victoria’s Talk Time 14/04/20

Hello Everyone

Brian and I and the Green Apple Team hope you had a lovely Easter, a different one but still it was a meaningful time of reflection for all of us I think.

I didn’t indulge in hot cross buns or any Easter eggs but I have to confess that when Petrina baked me some incredibly rich chocolate brownies, I had this amazing feed of ice cream, crushed almonds and brownies, lots of brownies!  I enjoyed myself and ate every bite (a considerable number of bites I might add) with immense pleasure.

I think the three hour bicycle ride over hills and dales that day certainly gave me an appetite and all this COVID-19 transition has switched on my need for carbohydrates.

Moderation in all things can be difficult when we are faced with change, especially transitional changes in your life that you didn’t plan for or desire. Being able to create routines to combat the behaviours that we drop into at stressful times or times of boredom while we are house-bound i.e. snacking at any time of day, having a few extra cigarettes when we had nearly kicked the habit, having an extra drink or two at night. Whatever it is that gives us gratification can be managed so much better if we have a routine helping us self-manage.

My exercise is the behaviour I have cultivated as a routine activity. It has seen me through all sorts of life traumas.

I hope you have created some positive behaviours which have become routine and that are providing you with satisfaction and structure during this time.

For those of you enrolled in Health@Home with a Green Apple trainer, you will be learning new things about exercise and about your body. If you are also trialling some of the classes Nessa and the Team have developed for you, you might be doing something that you have never thought yourself capable of before and certainly had no intention of trialling before.

We want you back healthy and well!

Best wishes,
Victoria's signature 2017 - Green Apple Wellness Centre

PS   Petrina is now back from holidays and is keen to help anyone who needs a Trainer whom is not already enrolled in the Health@Home program.

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