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Victoria’s Talk Time 29/04/20

Hello Green Apples

We are receiving some excellent feedback in relation to our Health@Home exercise prescription, and the videos that are provided as part of the service.  We had to be very quick off the mark the moment we had to close because of COVID-19 on Monday March 23 and to have something to offer you by Tuesday, the next day.

We all understand how important structured physical activity is to our body in every way, and also to our emotional and mental health.  I personally would struggle without both physical and mental stimulus and I believe there are many ways to skin a cat!
Hence this Health@Home service providing exercise which you can do in the comfort of your own home, and is really giving so many members a framework to build their other COVID-19 life activities around.

We have some other services that we are now able to offer, one of them particularly attractive because it not only can be accessed at no fee (it is government-funded) it will give you the necessary knowledge to be able to keep true to your wellness efforts. This course is My Health for Life and will be delivered very soon.

I will provide for you the information regarding all the courses available and if any of them interest you, phone 3261 1249 or send me an email on [email protected]

1. Home programs via telehealth (video or phone)

We can use your EPC referral as a bulk billed individual session with your Exercise Physiologist – all without leaving the comfort of your own home. 

Private Health rebates (from most funds) are also available.

2.  My Health for Life – starting on May 12th, delivered by Bridie via video. My Health for Life offers:

Weekly 1-hour online sessions with a health coach through video connection. We help you remain goal-focused and build strategies to stay motivated and on track.  

The program is offered in a small group of 6-8 people connecting you with others to support you on your health journey.

The program provides information on nutrition and physical activity and equally important is the focus on setting goals and establishing priorities.

My Health for Life is a state government-funded initiative, free to Queenslanders.

3.  ESSA 65+ program – starting on May 19th, delivered by Charlotte via video.

Subsidised group exercise classes for over 65’s designed to enhance understanding of health, weight management, and managing chronic diseases and depression.

Eligible participants will receive an individual pre-exercise screening/assessment, x12 group classes and an individual post-assessment. Total cost $114.50.

Group exercise classes will need little to no equipment, and your exercises will be tailored to your individual needs.

We are all thinking of you,
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