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The Weekly Bite – February 15 2018 – Issue 2264

Hi All

Aquarobics might be the way to go when the temperatures are high and humidity becomes unbearable.  For those of you planning to come to my Water Class this Sunday, February 18, at 5pm, we will be doing some High Intensity Training and “mindful” exercise – not a conventional Aqua Class.  Check that your name is on the list at Reception with “confirmed” next to it.  Ten participants only with a Stand By list – if you are on Stand By come along, just in case.

Talking about the pool, Brian tells me the pool filters are being clogged up with sunscreen.  It is becoming quite a concern so we ask you to minimize your use of any creams and lotions if you plan to go in the pool.  The pool roof and the waterproof shade cloth will protect you sufficiently and if you are worried about sun on your shoulders or arms, check out the upper body clothing (even a T-shirt will do) available to wear in the pool these days.

Are you staying hydrated?  The symptoms of dehydration can mimic more serious problems (heart/stroke) and there have been many occasions when we have had to call an ambulance “just in case”.  Most times the problem has been a case of severe dehydration and the member has been unaware of the problem.  So keep track of exactly how much fluid you want to take in daily and make it happen. I fill two one litre bottles and drink these through the day and into the night, ensuring they are empty when I wake up each morning. 

I am currently looking for Expressions of Interest for a walking group within the Green Apple.  Member Sunita Sinha would love some company and can go walking before work on week days at 5.30am and/or on the weekend e.g. Sunday afternoon.  I know a couple of excellent walks that keep you off main roads and if there is interest I can take you and show you where to go (one up bike  – tracks into Bracken Ridge and another one to Deep Water Bend – flat walk).  If you are interested please send me an email at [email protected] or write a note and ask for it to be put in my in basket.

I am so keen to gather as many member stories as possible to share with other members.  You have so much to tell in the way of your successes, from increased bone density, decreased blood pressure, lowered blood sugar levels and improvement in mood and definitely increased mobility and functionality.  Are you prepared to write something for me?  If you find this difficult,  would you be prepared to answer questions instead that would tell your story.  I really want to hear about you!  And other members love to read about you.  Every success we achieve individually gives other people , here at the Green Apple, hope, and positive examples.

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