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The Weekly Bite – June 19 2017 – Issue 2230

Hi All,

In the past week, all the technical staff including Exercise Physiologists and the Fitness Professionals, have had training in the use of the new Arm Ergometers as well as refresher training in the PowerPlate. Both of these resources are very useful for multiple reasons and I hope that you will benefit fully from any possible exposure to them.

The Arm Ergometers are the latest version on the market and have had to be imported from the USA. Brian and I had to hunt around for these because traditional fitness centres don’t always see the value in equipment like this. Rows of treadmills and electronic bikes etc take precedence. It is only when you have clientele that may have knee, hip, ankle problems (which lessen their ability to use cardio equipment which rely on good leg strength and joint integrity) that cardio equipment using arms becomes essential. Other equipment that we use to help us design appropriate “heart rate-elevating” exercise for you eg. the Ski Ergs, Plyo-Rebounders, Arm Ergometers, and the Keiser Cross Trainers and Seated Stepper which also utilise arms.

The PowerPlate has been rather ignored really. This piece of equipment has so many benefits that cannot be readily duplicated, most particularly the automatic recruitment of the core (for trunk stability and back integrity) and also for effective fascia and muscle release (which promotes better joint range of movement). Read about other interesting features about the PowerPlate in this newsletter

Did you know that we have three Remedial Massage Therapists working at the Green Apple now? Steph and I really welcome our new Clinic companion Margy Jackson (whom you will also see on Reception). Margy is available for massage appointments on Friday at 12 noon and 1pm, on Saturday from 8am-11am and on Monday mornings 8am-11am. This has opened up appointments at the end of the week when I am unavailable and Steph may have college and other matters to attend to.

I had an interesting conversation with a client who will become part of the Green Apple family soon. She tells me that, since she lives alone now she realises that she needs to have massage simply for the human-touch factor. Not for any sexual or other “touch” reason but simply because we humans are designed to have skin contact some of the time and society now has put up barriers in relation to this in many ways. We all have to be so much more careful in regards to how we deal with each other. I see this in the school system and I am sure you have seen the change also over the years. So having massage not only identifies soft tissue dysfunction/problems but also provides that very important human touch factor. Margy, Steph and I understand this very well.

Have you checked the Social Committee board in the back courtyard lately?

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Morning Tea stop at Nerang

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