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The Weekly Bite – November 6, 2017 – Issue 2250

Hi all,

Brian and I are enjoying our dance classes at the Green Apple. Members Mike and Dale Slattery and Dean and Jeanette Baigent are also starting to feel a bit more competent after 2 hours with Judy, our dance teacher. 

We are only going to be learning to do the waltz and the ChaChaCha really well so it shouldn’t be too stressful we think. If you are interested in dancing with us, it is not too late. We have 8 more classes of one hour to go (7 till 8pm Tuesdays in the Aerobic Room at Green Apple) and the fee is $78 for the course if you join this Tuesday. 

There has been interest in an additional evening Aqua class. Thursday night could be a possibility when we stop the Barre Concept later in December (regretfully Christina will be leaving us the week before Christmas to focus on her blossoming business). If you have voiced an expression of interest, is this a suitable night for you? 

Did you know that the Wednesday night Yoga can accommodate “Chair Yoga”? Joyce can deliver both traditional mat Yoga as well as Chair Yoga so this is a perfect class if you have difficulty getting down on the floor and up again. I asked member Desley Morrison if she could tell me what appealed to her about Joyce’s Wednesday class. Desley writes:

With reference to Chair Yoga, it is a good way to start learning yoga if you struggle to get up and down from the floor. Joyce will adapt the positions that works for you using the chair. They are very effective. 

Once a person’s confidence and flexibility builds they will be wanting to try positions that the experienced class members are doing. My only advice is for anyone wanting to try yoga is to stick with it for a while. One or two times isn’t enough to get a feel for yoga. The benefits are enormous. One is flexibility. My flexibility is improving all the time. Also the breathing component of yoga does help you with your program. 

Sometimes I will use a chair if I’m not feeling well. If I’m feeling okay and can manage the floor I do that. Whatever I do Joyce is a great help and support.  
I would encourage anyone to have a go. I was reluctant to have a go but now I’m so pleased I did.

Regards, Desley”

We have an informational morning tea at the Green Apple on Tuesday November 7. The purpose is to explain what we do and let people attending see and try the FOREVER ACTIVE equipment supervised by Katrina and Darrol. Whenever we go out to an Expo like Dickson’s Senior Expo or Taigum Ageing Expo, we always invite people to come to our informational morning tea. I would like to extend this invitation to any of your friends or family who want to find out more about what you are doing (it is great when they say “I want a bit of that”). Let us know at Reception if you would like to bring someone so we can cater for the numbers. 

Our “Bring a Guest” activity continues and we plan to have our name-drawing every 2 months. We are halfway through this 2 month period so if you have introduced anyone during October please make sure we know and have you on our list. This applies if you have brought a guest, or if a person you have encouraged to come makes an Initial Consultation session with me or another staff member, and particularly if they join. The purpose of this is to build our member base with people just like you! 

The Christmas Party on Saturday November 25 is filling up fast so book now and get your deposit paid to hold the booking. See the noticeboard in Reception for all details. Remember you DON’T have to know anyone or to bring anyone. We are all Green Apples and you WILL be truly welcomed!

If you are over 60 there is something you need to be aware of and to understand how you can manage it. It is affecting all of us and worsens with age IF we don’t do everything possible to counter-act it. What is it? Muscle loss, gradual and silent, it creeps up on us unaware. I constantly have to explain this to people. The Osteoporosis and Muscle Wastage Wellness Workshop will provide you with so much awareness in relation to this matter and it has been rescheduled to start on Saturday November 11 and Thursday November 16 at 1pm. Can you spare the time to do this? The knowledge you will gain will be invaluable. See us at Reception and book in. 

Do you take medication for high blood pressure or elevated cholesterol? Are you pre diabetic? Do you have these identified health risk factors but you haven’t been officially diagnosed with a “chronic disease”? We have a new program starting up in 2018 that is totally government funded. It is called “My Health for Life” and we are taking expressions of interest from you as a member plus any of your family and friends before we gazette it outside the Centre. If you want to know more please email me on [email protected] or arrange a half an hour appointment with me (see Reception to do this) and I can let you know if you are eligible and what it entails. I think the people who will benefit most from this program will be the ones who are already aware that they need to make changes but they need help to make it happen. 

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PS.  Are you using your towel on equipment and the wet wipes to clean the handles etc. Germ transfer is rife. Help us contain germs. 




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