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The Weekly Bite – October 30, 2017 – Issue 2249

Hi All

Have you checked out the notice board in Reception lately? We not only have details of the upcoming Workshops and the body composition, Maltron, testing, but also everything you need to know about the Green Apple Christmas Party. This event is always a wonderful way to mix with other members in a friendly environment and it doesn’t matter if you don’t know anyone when you put your name down to attend because by the end of the party you will have friends for life (or so I have been told by so many of you after attending a Green Apple “get together”). The party has been organised by the very proactive Social Committee at the Green Apple and this year they have planned it as a Saturday afternoon celebration rather than an evening event. So if you don’t like coming out at night, this will give you the opportunity to experience what a Green Apple party can feel like. Put your name down soon because we only have room for 100 people. 

Thank you to John Donaldson for taking the Green Apple Mayne Inheritance trip last week. I hear that John did a marvellous job and, as member Ruth Milwright said, John can talk about anything and he just knows so much about Brisbane, it’s history and the people living here and whom lived here in the past. 

As you know I love to hear stories about the health and happiness benefits you are experiencing as you go through your Green Apple journey so when member Sharon Ramah stopped to tell me about her recent bone density win, I was so pleased. Sharon wanted to share her latest result with me because she felt it was so important that anyone attending Green Apple should promote the health outcomes that can be achieved with tailored, consistent exercise. What impressed me about Sharon was her understanding of what my vision has been, and still is, to provide a different sort of fitness centre with everything focussed on healthy (medical) outcomes. As Sharon said, “I know you are always telling everyone about what can be achieved at Green Apple but we really need to help promote this by telling everyone about the results we are getting and this is why I am happy for you to share my story”. 

Sharon told me that her bone mineral density has improved in her hip (trochanter) from -2.3 to -1.6 and her spine improved from +1.4 to +1.8. In such a little person, this is a significant result and indicates great dedication to regular exercise. 

I quote a few things that Sharon shared, “I retired 2 years ago and coming to the Green Apple is one of the best things I have done in my life”, “I love the feeling that I am doing something right”, “I actually work my life around coming to the Green Apple because it is so important “, “I love doing different things, I’m even doing KaiBo and other exercises to music”.

So thank you Sharon and also to member Charmaine Jesberg who has been a member for more than 30 years and also shared with me recently all the reasons she is still here. Charmaine and I have made a very similar journey with our exercise and I guess we are really living examples of our beliefs. 

You may have noticed we have changed some of your equipment in the main weights room. I am keen to get your opinion on the new Leg Press. If you use this in a lying down position you will find that this makes it harder to do because you are not pushing using back support. This can be a beneficial position because it is a very functional action, like a standing squat. The Forever Active equipment has a similar piece of equipment and this new Leg Press done in a lying down position will provide progression from the Forever Active Squat Press machine. 

Brian has just finished making the new standing Tricep Cable Pushdown machine and he has installed it into the main weights room. Brian plans to take out the remainder of the maroon equipment (with help from Steve Oliver and the twins, Raul and Rafael) over the weekend and install the new Seated Row and the Seated Chest Press ( both of which have the option for alternating arm work and this is something that we have not had available previously apart from single arm work on a cable machine which is a little different ). 

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