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What can be achieved with the right help!

It always boils down to “How much do you care about me” not “How much do you know”!

Team member Barbara tailoring Karen Heath’s program

After a recent slip and fall at home I can testify to the amazing benefits of resistance training, as part of an excellent all-round program, maintaining bone density, and also of massage for injury recovery. 

I fell on Saturday night, March 16, and felt a twist in my back as I got up.  It was really scary at 3am on Sunday to be scarcely able to walk to the bathroom, and to have to work up the courage to try to lie down again.  I knew lying down was not good, however, so I managed to keep walking with one of the two hiking sticks I use for balance.  Knife-like pains were in my glutes, hip and all along my right leg (referred pain).  Nor was it easy to raise my right leg to dress, or later to get on and off a bus.  My shoulder and neck were tense from pain.

I secured a massage appointment with Petrina on Tuesday, and she said I was lucky not to have broken a hip.  My bone density saved me from a broken hip!  My rib cage was affected and my glutes had spasmed.  Petrina gave credit to Barb’s programming and I want to give her a big shout out and hug for her care and professionalism.  I’ve come a long way with Barb.  Petrina straightened me out beautifully (with a lot of torture, magnesium and sports gel!)  Between Petrina and Barb, my park run, which I love, has improved from 36 and over for 5km, to a consistent 33-34 for the last three runs. 

Love you, wonderful ladies, and all else who have contributed to making my Green Apple experience, awesome!  Especially Katrina and Cherie.

Member, Karen Heath

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