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Healthy Weight Challenge Participant

Healthy Weight Challenge

My Monday mornings could not have been spent more profitably …. Petrina’s Healthy Weight Challenge course challenged me from the start to address a range of activities in my life for a better outlook on the future.  Not only planning to eat more thoughtfully, but also understanding the good and bad elements of natural and traditional foods added a dimension to my meal preparation that can only result in a healthier me!  Understanding how my digestive system can be compromised by an unwitting selection of wrong foods and their combinations will no doubt result in my feeling more energised in the future.  The tips on effective exercise techniques to compliment my renewed meal planning will no doubt contribute to a more positive mental outlook on life.

The beautifully presented set of notes for each session will be a constant source of reference material in the future.

With Nessa’s support, a great team presented a great course.

Jan Campbell


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