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The Green Apple Wellness Courses are designed to give members and non-members opportunities to:

  • learn more about particular conditions,
  • using the best practice in lifestyle modification and exercise and
  • develop skills to be able to put the knowledge into practice.

The courses are conducted by health and fitness professionals who have a passion for helping you to learn.

Type 2 Diabetes Group Education Course

Purpose: To provide Type 2 Diabetes Education over 8 consecutive weeks to help manage this metabolic condition by introducing appropriate physical activity and the most current information during the theory sessions.

  • Times: Tuesday at 1pm or 6pm (select appropriate session)
  • Cost: Bulk Billed with a doctors referral for Type 2 Diabetes Group Services
  • Click here for referral form »


YouCan – Cancer course

YouCan is a course specifically designed for women who have been diagnosed with cancer in the last two years &/or are undergoing or have completed treatment.

Understand how exercise helps the body during and after cancer treatment.

Learn how to put this knowledge into action with appropriate exercises matched to personal abilities and improve physical and mental health.





Course structure

 Induction session + 4 sessions


$55* for induction session + 
$40 for the 4 sessions

* Can be funded through EPC referral or private health fund (pay the gap)

Click here to download the brochure

Healthy Weight Challenge

Purpose: The Healthy Weight Challenge is all about you! How you can make better, healthier choices. Choices based on the right nutritional information and food knowledge with guidance to enable you to stay on track with your goals.

  • Times: Monday at 6am or 11am (select appropriate session)
  • Cost: Members: $99
  • Non-Members: $150



Healthy Eating & Active Lifestyle (HEAL) course

Purpose: To provide a more in-depth look at how food and your lifestyle choices affect your body. It also provides follow up for type 2 diabetics who have completed the Type 2 Diabetes Group Education course.

  • Times: Tuesday at 12pm and 6pm (select appropriate session)
  • Cost: Members: $99
  • Non-Members: $150
  • With a doctors referral for Type 2 Diabetes Group Services: Bulk Billed
  • Click here for referral form »
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