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Group Classes at the Green Apple cater for a vast range of ages from teenagers to clients in their 90’s! There is a class for every need and level of ability and the class leaders are able to give a high level of client supervision. Maximum class numbers are 15 but there are usually between 8-12 participants per class.



Including Aerobic Gold and Easy Beat

Sound scary? Anyone can do our Aerobics classes! We have different levels of difficulty with specialist instructors that will look after you and make sure you feel comfortable and have fun!



Fun in the water! This joint-friendly water class will have you moving around the pool like you never thought you could and have fun at the same time! Great for those of us who love the water.


Body Sculpt

Build muscle, strengthen bones and release fat with Body sculpt! This strength class working to music will have you toned and ready for anything with its fun music and energetic leaders.



The ultimate in challenging your body in lots of different way, our Circuit class has you moving differently each week to keep your body guessing. No need for choreography skills using music – ideal for both men and women who like a challenge.



High Intensity Interval Training. It’s all the rage! But don’t be put off by all the hype, come and do it with our experienced leaders who will help you identify your safe effort-level to get your results. You will work at your high level intensity, not what someone else needs to do.



Yogalates is a complete and comprehensive fusion of Yoga and Pilates, encompassing the flexibility, balance and meditative elements of Yoga with the muscle strengthening and toning of Pilates.  No fee to attend.



A marvelous way to finish the week and wind down from all the stresses of everyday life, this relaxing class will have you being mindful for the week to come. Held fortnightly with Karen who has the passion!


Clinical Pilates*

Lengthen and strengthen your muscles, open up joints and release tension! This class focuses on trunk stability for the best back care and core stability and introduces you to wonderful therapeutic breathing. 



Need something low impact, but calorie burning? Join our Step classes for a leg strengthening workout anyone can do. The music uses a controlled tempo and the choreography is simple.



You know you need to stretch more, who doesn’t? Why not make the most of our expertise and join a Stretch Class which also includes safe PNF stretching and myofascial rollers?


Thighs, Buns and Tums

Enjoy challenging these parts of your body! Burn fat for hours after the class by working some of your largest muscles. This class is designed for all ages, beginners to advanced.



Enjoy the breathing, postures and stress release techniques of this gentle practice class under the supervision of our very own Yogi! Cherie will help you wind down and relax, ready for a wonderful weekend. Members pay a small fee to attend



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