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The Weekly Bite – January 18- Issue 2311

Hi All

How can you use your Bonus $30 this year? The services to select from include:

  1. Put $30 towards a massage with Petrina or Margy and let them sort out any muscular and fascia problems you might have (and often you will not be aware of them until you have them worked on)
  2. Put $30 towards one of the courses we are conducting in January, February and March. Petrina’s course Healthy Weight Challenge, commencing February 4, will have you thinking differently about your relationship with food. I know Petrina plans to do some baking for her group to give them some taste sensations and also to demonstrate how she made it so you can see how easy it is to eat well. 
  3. Book in for a Personal Training session ($40 with an Exercise Professional and $60 with an Exercise Physiologist). For as little as $10, you can have a session on the Power-Plate or do a training session with Petrina using the “high intensity for a few seconds followed by slower steady state work” method. I was watching member Dianne Singh being taken through this as part of her new program and was impressed with Petrina’s selection of exercises and with Dianne’s very real effort to master the concept. I might say this sort of training can be done by any of the staff who provide personal training and I can tell you it does really work. Petrina will be encouraging this type of training in her HWC course, targeting weight loss. 
  4. Use the $30 to go on the Massage Chair in the Clinic. This will provide you with several sessions and the chair really does an amazing job. It is not the same as “hunting hands” that hone in on your particular problem areas but it gives you a thorough going over generally. Brian swears by it!
  5. Pay the Maltron fee of $15 and have $15 left over to put towards the course you decide on, or the massage you will have.


NOTE: you must use your $30 in one transaction so it is important to decide what else you will spend your money on when you pay for your Maltron test using your voucher. Reception staff know that they cannot provide a credit for any portion of your unused voucher. It must all be accounted for at the one transaction. 

So, start planning on what you will get the most benefit from and JUST DO IT!


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