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The Weekly Bite – March 15, 2019—Issue 2319

Hi All

It is amazing how many people live with pain, not just intermittent pain created by some incident, but chronic pain from parts of the body that are not as functional as they could be. If this resonates with you, we may have a few answers for you that will make all the difference to how you feel on a day to day basis. 

Whether you have back pain, knee discomfit, a stiff and painful neck, or any part of the body that simmers away with pain making you feel tired and less motivated to do the things you need to, Sunny’s Pain Management workshop will really help. I have had my fair share of pain (caused by all the body parts I have damaged over the years) and I can tell you that pain really does fatigue you, flattens your moods and affects you adversely. Every time something happens to me, I have a formula that helps me manage so that I come out feeling stronger and better.  I really want you to feel this way too! 

Check the noticeboard for more details and give it a go. We have these educational workshops to help you and the timetable for our the 2019 Courses and Workshops is available at Reception. 

Just a reminder to all our direct debit paying members, the annual CPI increase applies from now. Any problems with this, contact me directly on [email protected].

I have been watching the members, whom are enrolled in the Healthy Weight Challenge, really increase their efforts (significantly!) when they work out. It got me thinking about what support many members need to achieve their goals. If you have someone who is on your side when it comes to keeping you on track then it helps tremendously. It makes sense doesn’t it. So between now and the school holidays in April, we will have a Personal Training special. The fee to have Petrina, Katrina, Darrol, Barbara or Charlotte with you for half an hour of individual attention is still only $40. I haven’t put this fee up for probably a decade!  

If you purchase 10 sessions of inspirational and focussed support you will receive the eleventh session free. I can tell you that one session weekly with one of these staff for 11 weeks will make a huge difference to your progress AND how you will feel AND how you will exercise. 


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