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The Weekly Bite – March 29, 2019 – Issue 2321

Hi All

Congratulations to all graduates from the Healthy Weight Challenge Group who finished their course in a high note. Fantastic effort all round and thank you for recognising Petrina (and Nessa!) by presenting them with the most beautiful flowers last Monday. 

A group of us went out to a Mini-Expo at IRT Bracken Ridge, a lovely retirement village, last Wednesday. Darrol led the Team, I went along to do some neck massage on the saddle seat (gives me a great chance to talk to people and find out where their thoughts are in relation to looking after themselves), Nuala was there to help find candidates for some of the special courses we run, Bridie attended to do any “eligibility” testing for our My Health for Life course (and, with Nuala’s help, discovered a great little group interested in attending), and Cheryl Ivory completed the Green Apple Team and was so very helpful because she has been part of the Green Apple for so long that she really understands our vision and our purpose. 

If you know of anyone who would like us to come along and spread the word about what people could be benefiting from, do let me know. It has taken us 40 years to develop what we provide in the Green Apple. It is unique at this stage and unless we share what we are, and what we do, it is a secret to many people. We always go to the Dickson’s Senior Expo every year and so many people say to me, “I have lived in this area and have never realised what you do”. So, any help I can get from you to spread our message would be very gratefully accepted. 

Petrina and Bridie fly to Sydney on this last weekend in March, to attend a specialised 2-day PowerPlate training course. I am so keen to see more members using this vibration therapy. I have always believed in the results that can be achieved by incorporating PowerPlate with traditional training. 

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