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The Weekly Bite – March 8, 2019—Issue 2318

Hi All

You should have received our monthly E newsletter by now. It would have come out to your email address this week. 

Many members believe that the electronic newsletter has the same content as the weekly hardcopy version and they don’t realise that the weekly in-house newsletter contains matters pertinent to attending members whereas the electronic newsletter is sent out to people all over the place, not necessarily close in proximity to the Centre, so it is a little different in format. 

Every year we plan a 12-month schedule of educational courses which are usually 8 week’s long, and shorter workshops of three x one-hour presentations focussing on specific health themes. We have a sheet available at Reception that will provide you all activities, dates and times. I really recommend you take advantage of Sunny’s Pain Management workshop, his Prostate workshop and anything he is delivering. Knowledge is powerful and just knowing more about how to cope with certain conditions can make a huge difference in how you FEEL about things. 

When I do my program early in the morning, I am so impressed with Petrina’s Healthy Weight Challenge Group. They really are making such an effort to carry out the tasks Petrina has set them and their workouts have so much more “punch”.  If you are in this group, a big pat on the back and I hope you can keep it up and really reap the benefits. 

If you are interested in doing the Healthy Weight Challenge, I will ask Petrina when her next course will be. I strongly recommend participation in this 8-week program because it will open your mind to new ways to exercise. The focus is on “less is best and intensity is the key”. Anyone can do it by just training the brain into mindful focus. 

One of our wonderful volunteers, Karen Heath, has asked me when I plan to do a mini-presentation on hand exercises. I’ll ask Sonya to put a notice on the board looking for “Expressions of Interest “ for a 15 minute presentation on my hand exercises (which we can all do together) on Monday March 18 at 7am in the Conference room. These exercises are great for arthritic hands or just to keep the hand joints limbered up. 

Thank you to all members whom have commiserated about our Lamb house trashing. I believe the police have found the culprits, two 14-year-old boys, who have been given “a strong talking to”. It would be good to see some community service time or something similar allocated, to send a specific message that anti-social activities have a consequence. 
Meanwhile we have boarded up windows and doors until the glass etc can be fixed and it feels a bit like living in a box! Brian plans to do a bit to resolve the boarded-up doors over the weekend. 

Remember your exercise is your “body-housekeeping” and is essential to your health. Sometimes we look after our possessions better than our body, and we only have one body so it is very, very precious. I think of that every day as I do my exercise so I don’t fall off the wagon!

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