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The Weekly Bite – Monday 26th September, 2022 —Issue 2483

Hi All

Rules in relation to mask-wearing are changing in some States in Australia, on public transport particularly, and Queensland may follow suit. Despite any regulations, I encourage those of you whom have any symptoms at any time to mask-up. It is not only COVID that is knocking people sidewards right now. Gastric symptoms, colds and flu! People are dropping like flies and the symptoms just keep lingering, especially the coughing.

Keep up the great cleansing work you are doing in the gym setting. If we continue to share the task of wiping equipment after use, we will be helping keep our environment one of the healthiest places you can visit.

Nessa and I enjoyed our visit to the Independent Retiree group at Geebung last week. The topic of the Presentation I made wasWhat is Wellness and Body-Housekeeping”. It is so important to get the word out to what I consider a vulnerable group ie people whom are heading into, or already experiencing, what the ageing process can do to us. It’s going to happen to everyone if we live long enough and there are so many pathways we can take to slow it down.

We were amazed to see Reevesie and Ian Lindsay attending the talk and it was lovely to have them there to help spread the word about the Green Apple.

If you have a group whom would like a guest speaker please let Nessa know. I enjoy going out and meeting people and providing information from a broad canvas of knowledge. As one fairly new member said to me the other day, “there really is no other place like Green Apple and when I try to tell people about it they just think it is a normal gym and that frightens them off”.

And that’s a pity!

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