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The Weekly Bite – Monday September 28, 2020—Issue 2383

Hi All

Well, the Summer Group Class schedule looks like it is coming together. The new schedule will commence the week starting Monday October 12. Monday Oct 5 will actually be a public holiday, Queen’s Birthday, and we will open from 6am till 10am with a normal Step Class with Brian and a Learn to Step session with me again. Then Tuesday 13, we will commence the new class schedule in the hope that the pool will be warm and our Aqua classes will be filled.

One specific class I have been asked about for the Summer schedule is the BodySculpt class. One member has asked if it would be possible to provide this for people coming in the morning i.e. after 9am. How much interest is there in  BodySculpt at 9.30am on Thursdays directly before the Pilates class? There would have to be significant interest in this class for me to add it currently so please let me know if you would definitely attend it.

Since the closure in March this year, and then opening again under our COVID-safe Stage 3 regulations, we removed all our timers from general use. Darrol has been authorised now to provide timers for use to all members. The only restriction will be the hygiene aspect. When you return the timer to Reception, please sanitise it using the hand sanitiser (sparingly rather than slathering it with the gel) or wiped down with a wet wipe.

Last week I delivered the Learn to Step Class for Loretta when she had a day working from home. After the class I went down into the gym with Lydia and Jill (who participated in the Learn to Step on hearing that there were no takers!) and we spoke to Tas, Denise and Helen who said they would be interested to know when I took another Learn to step. So I decided that it might be a good session to try again on the public holiday October 5. I will be using slow music and tailoring the moves to what people have the skillset to do so if you feel you would like to trial something you have never done before, and start from scratch, then this is your opportunity. I also promise you will get a good workout regardless of your fitness level. I can make it as manageable to class participants who are real learners, and I can make it harder for people who can do Step. Just ask Lydia and Jill!

Charlotte and Katrina, with support from other Team members, are planning a great event within the Green Apple to create interest in our My Health for Life course. They are even going to take it to the markets at Carseldine and at Redcliffe. Since we cannot go to the Dickson’s Senior Expo or any other event in the community this year, we are doing this instead and would love your support.


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