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Wellness Groups

The Wellness Groups are stand-alone programs within the The Green Apple. They have been designed to provide supervised safe, prescriptive exercise in a group setting. Most clients at tending a Wellness Group will attend twice weekly.

Lifestyle Wellness members at the Green Apple have access to the Wellness Groups at no additional cost Each Wellness Group participant has two induction sessions for their appropriate class with an exercise physiologist or trained instructor to ensure that they have their own personalised Wellness Group program. Once this induction is completed, they do this program within the group setting. Each induction session costs $55 and can be funded in various ways: with an Enhanced Primary Care referral, partially with private health insurance (to see an exercise physiologist) or privately self-funded.

Lift for Life

Lift for Life is an evidence-based strength training program born out of more than a decade of research by Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute. Clinical trials showed an average reduction in HbA1c of 1.2% over a 6-month period, providing irrefutable evidence that increasing and maintaining muscle mass assists with controlling blood glucose in people with Type 2 diabetes.

  • Purpose: To provide a strength-based exercise class for type 2 diabetics.
  • Times: Wednesday and Friday 12pm  
  • Cost: 10 sessions for $110 or $15 casual per visit

Lungs in Action

Lungs in Action aims to extend the benefits of rehabilitation by providing a safe environment in which those with stable chronic lung disease can maintain physical and social activities. Primarily intended for people who have completed a pulmonary rehabilitation program and are looking to maintain and improve their health and function. However we also welcome anyone looking to manage other less severe respiratory conditions.

  • Purpose: To provide a safe class for clients with COPD supervised by specially trained leaders.
  • Times: Monday & Wednesday 2pm
  • Cost: 10 sessions for $110 or $15 casual per visit

Steady Steps

Steady Steps is a falls prevention program developed in conjunction with Queensland Health to facilitate better balance, coordination and strength with an emphasis on fun!

  • Purpose:  To provide appropriate strengthening equipment as well as a safe class for clients with poor balance to practice exercises under the supervision of specially trained leaders.
  • Times: Tuesday 12pm & Thursday 1pm
  • Cost: 10 sessions for $110 or $15 per visit


Heartgrooves is based on the popular Heart Moves program and is a low to moderate intensity exercise program that was developed by the Heart Foundation to assist people to become more active and live a healthy lifestyle despite health challenges.

  • Purpose: To provide an exercise group class for clients who may have multiple chronic conditions, which will also provide safe follow-up exercise for post cardiac surgery rehabilitation programs.
  • Times: Monday 12pm, Tuesday & Friday 1pm
  • Cost: 10 sessions for $110 or $15 casual per visit

My Health for Life

What is it?

My Health for Life is a free lifestyle program available to eligible participants who want to improve their health and reduce their risk of developing chronic disease.

Conditions such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke, are often linked to lifestyle factors. The My Health for Life program helps people reduce their risk of developing these types of conditions by showing how small lifestyle changes can have major health benefits. It is about keeping your health on track to prevent future illness.

Fast Facts

  • This program is free when you meet the eligibility criteria
  • It is delivered by qualified Exercise Physiologists at Green Apple
  • It involves six sessions over six months – the time commitment required is not big
  • The first session is a personalised one-on-one appointment
  • The remaining sessions are flexible, offering the choice of phone coaching or small groups.

Eligibility Criteria

People aged 45 years and over who have been identified by a health professional as being at high risk of chronic disease 

People aged 18 years and over who are of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent who are at high risk of chronic disease

Age 18 years and over with pre-existing conditions (e.g. previous history of Gestational diabetes or if diagnosed with high blood pressure or high cholesterol)

What results to expect

  1. Healthy sustainable lifestyle changes.
  2. Participants learn how to set realistic health goals and are supported on their journey to achieve healthy change, in small manageable steps.  
  3. The program is not only for people wanting to lose weight – everyone has their own reason for improving their health.

Are you eligible for this program?  Find out now! CLICK HERE and remember to say that you want to do it at the Green Apple!

BEAT IT Program

Fast Facts

  • This program is free if you have any type of diabetes (T1D, T2D, Gestational)
  • It is delivered by qualified Exercise Physiologists at Green Apple
  • It involves 16 physical activity sessions over 8 weeks
  • Interactive and fun group education sessions

What is it?

BEAT IT is a free 8-week physical activity and lifestyle program, based on research, providing all participants with individualized exercise programs that are tailored to their level of fitness and medical history. The course also includes group education sessions that focus on healthy living, maintaining motivation, goal setting and nutrition.

What results to expect?

BEAT IT is a group-based program and this creates a supportive environment to people of a similar health to you. The twice weekly classes include a combination of aerobic and resistance training exercise and start slowly and build up as you become more confident and your health and fitness improve.

BEAT IT is not just an exercise class; it has been designed to help you build the life skills and confidence you need to get active and stay active for the rest of your life. It also involves education-based sessions on topics such as healthy eating, behaviour change and maintaining motivation.

How is it funded?

The BEAT IT program is funded by a partnership between National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS) and Diabetes QLD.  Initial assessments, programming, education sessions, and group sessions and reporting time is all funded and is FREE for NDSS registrants who have not participated in a BEAT IT program within the last 2 years.

Eligibility criteria

People diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, type 1 diabetes and gestational diabetes are eligible for the BEAT IT program.  Are you eligible for this program? Find out now!

  1. Call 1300 136 588 or visit’s-on to register for the 8-week program at Green Apple Wellness Centre.  Bookings are essential as there are limited places available.
  2. Look out for your starter pack in the mail, and get your Medical Clearance form signed by your GP before your initial consultation.
  3. Attend your 45 min initial consultation with your BEAT IT Trainer before the 8-week program starts.
  4. Attend your group exercise sessions and education sessions.  You must be able to attend every session for the duration of the 8-week program

Dates and times of courses

The day time group classes are held from 10am-11am
The after-work group classes are held from 6pm-7pm

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