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The Weekly Bite – October 25, 2019—Issue 2350

Hi All

I am writing this before the Sunday scheduled for my informal talk about Osteoporosis and Sarcopenia (Clinical muscle loss). If you read this prior to Sunday 4pm you might be interested in coming. We will be meeting in the Conference Room.

This process of tissue loss is happening to all of us. It is a silent process and it is not immediately debilitating however it certainly becomes debilitating over time if it is not addressed. My talk is more of creating an awareness of the unknown ahead of us. Some of you have already been diagnosed with tell-tale symptoms (DEXAscans for bone density and body composition tests for muscle). Don’t wait until it manifests. We can all address this particular problem from any age.

Are you coming to the Green Apple Social Committee Christmas party? See the notice board for more information. If you plan to come alone and don’t feel you know anyone (and we encourage you to come with or without a companion because everyone is a “Green Apple friend” once you are a member), do think about sitting with Brian and me. Just write your name down at our table. We would love to have you with us.

Many of our Team members take holidays at this time of year so please be patient with us if appointments are hard to make. Darrol was away last week, Bridie is on holidays till November 4, Sonya goes on a break from Friday October 25, Loretta will go on holidays from November 11 till early December.

We welcome dear Pat back for more hours. Pat started back on 3 hours on Fridays which we extended as she was able to manage it. Now Pat is rostered, mainly behind the scenes in Allied Health admin, on several days of the week.

Don’t forget both Aqua and Stretch class is available at 10am on Monday. If you have been doing Stretch on Thursdays at 10am I hope you will be able to attend the Monday class.  Unfortunately, we will not be able to provide this class on Thursdays.

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