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Victoria’s Talk Time 07/05/20

Hello to all Green Apple members and friends

Anyone who might have thought that “closure” of the Centre would mean “nothing much to do” could be dreaming. Good quote from the film “The Castle”, ‘tell him he’s dreaming’.  Ho ho!

COVID-19 has been a huge dream for all of us I think and could have a nightmare. I think the pivot we have achieved to transition into a useful and viable offsite and online exercise service has been handled amazingly well by the Green Apple Team. I can’t praise them highly enough.

People are still enrolling in the Health@Home program so they can access the dual service of
1.  An individually tailored exercise regime to do at home, and
2.  A daily video of a variety of classes, filmed by Nessa and showcasing our own talented group class team members.

Thank you to all the members whom have actually been participating in the COVID-19 exercise option. We have had some wonderful stories, especially from members doing the video classes who tell me that they have never done classes before, and never felt they could do classes at Green Apple because they didn’t think they would cope with them. But in the comfort and privacy of their own home, they can give classes a go, and do as little or as much as they want to do.

When we re-open there will be some changes in response to client needs that we have identified during the closure. All good!

We are also in the stage of ensuring our COVID-19 videos will be available to you in a secure framework. Since we are concerned that people may be sharing the videos and they might end up with people they have not been designed for, and possibly used in a way we have not intended, you will be given a site to easily log into during COVID-19. I will explain this better when the time comes so please don’t be concerned about any transition we might ask you to make in relation to your home class videos.

Did you open your latest E-newsletter from us? We have included our COVID-19 guide book and hope you have read the editorial I have written at the front of the journal. It is more specifically for people over 50 however I feel we all benefit from reading the included articles.

I am building the framework for your return to Green Apple and this will be sent to you as soon as we know when the Qld government allows us to open, and to provide you with the date we will actually open.  The framework will include any restrictions we need to implement to comply with the laws, and what we need to operate within, and how this will affect the delivery of our services.

You will also know of any group class schedule changes, and any Assessments we plan to provide for Wellness group classes. Since there may be a closure period of anything up to 8 to 20 weeks when we may have been in lockdown (and it will all depend on whether we get that second wave, so your guess will be as good as mine!), we will have processes in place to identify needs so we can work around any physical and medical concerns.

So keep walking or doing your chosen activity regularly so you will be properly prepared for your return to us.

Question: How do you keep your blood pressure down during COVID-19?
My answer: Exercise every day, in my case early in the day! And breathe purposefully and RELAX while you do it all.
It doesn’t mean don’t take your medication. It can just help you manage your day better.  Since COVID-19 and the huge transitional changes the Green Apple business has undergone, my blood pressure has been consistently a lot higher most days of the week.  All I can say is thank heavens for my healthy body and my ability to do the exercise that helps me cope and stay sane in these challenging times.

Best of luck with YOUR stress relieving physical activity!

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