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The Weekly Bite – August 28 2017 – Issue 2240

Hi all

We are holding another Wellness Day, Thursday September 14 from 11am until 2pm

We aim to cover all aspects of “wellness” at the Green Apple, including physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  This Wellness Day is aimed at the mental, emotional and even the spiritual side of life!  Activities and presentations on meditation, Yoga & breathing by Joyce, body awareness and easing tension headaches with Steph, diaphragmatic breathing from a Pilates perspective with Bridie  and brain colouring with Joyce all feature and we will take a break for lunch. It was fantastic to see all the different plates that were brought for the shared lunch last time. Sharing a meal creates a real community atmosphere and brings people from all walks of life together—we all have to eat! Victoria will also be offering short neck and shoulder massages for a gold coin donation and there will also be 10 winners of our lucky draw prize; a massage chair voucher! Come along and learn or practice some skills to help “round out” your life.

Another informative event we have coming up is the Carbohydrate HEAL session. Carbohydrates are very often in the media and very often misunderstood. Most people recognise bread, rice and cakes as sources of carbohydrate,  but what about fruits and veggies? Do you know the difference, where they are found or what they do? How can you utilise your intake of carbohydrate efficiently for weight loss and long term energy for your workouts? Bridie will also be discussing if carbohydrates cause an inflammatory response in your body. Join Bridie on Monday September 4 at either 12pm or 6pm. Cost per person is $15 if you are not already doing the HEAL course. 

For the month of September, we will be running a “Bring a Friend” promotion.  This is an opportunity for those of you whom have friends and family that you feel need help;  bring them in to have that important talk so we can help them.
This is what we do! We TAILOR exercise, diet, etc and this is what sets us apart from 24/7 gyms. We make positive meaningful and long lasting changes in people’s lives. If you know someone whom has knee pain or who will be having a knee replacement, or have had any joint replacement and are not happy with their progress, bring them in to have a talk with me. It can make a HUGE difference in people’s lives if they can talk to someone who is going through the same type of problem and who really understands what they need.

This promotion also puts you into a draw to win a gift pack worth $200 which includes a remedial massage, a personal training session, a towel and a waterbottle. There are two ways you can enter from September 1:

1) Facebook: If you are online and have Facebook, head over to our facebook page and you will see the link which will take you to our website to enter in your details and your friends details.

2) Ask at Reception: If you don’t have Facebook and would like to enter, ask at Reception and they will take down your details and the details of the friend you would like to refer to the Green Apple.

I apologise profusely for the lack of continuity of our Zumba classes in the last 2 weeks due to our Zumba instructor, Kerrie, being unable to attend. I want to assure the class that Zumba leader, Mel, will be back for the next 4 weeks from Friday September 1. Kerrie has taken her final class at Green Apple. I am currently working on what classes we will be  providing during the Summer program which will commence at the end of September. Until we start our Aqua class on Thursdays at 6am, Loretta will take the Thigh and Buns and FOREVER ACTIVE Thursday morning since Charlotte’s university studies have flowed over into early Thursday and she is very sorry she is unable to come in.




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