• The Weekly Bite – May 22 2017 – Issue 2226

    7th June, 2017 | by Green Apple Wellness

    Hi All, I am writing this prior to the Green Apple Social Committee (and supporters) Biggest Morning Tea event. Planned for Monday May 22, I know that there have been over 60 people booked in to attend and that the guest speaker from the Cancer Council is Melanie Robson. I also know that there will… Read more »

  • The Weekly Bite – May 15 2017 – Issue 2225

    7th June, 2017 | by Green Apple Wellness

    Hi All, It is always interesting talking with members because it alerts me to the real community issues that the Green Apple can be helping with. As I always say, the solution to so many areas of concern or problems is to know what needs to be done and then to just do it. Sometimes… Read more »

  • The Weekly Bite – Issue 2224 May 8 2017

    9th May, 2017 | by Green Apple Wellness

    Hi All, Finally we settle back into 5 day Monday to Friday weeks, with our usual weekend hours of 7am until midday on Saturday and 3.30pm until 6pm on Sundays. The 8pm close time in the evening, on Monday through to Thursday, is now in play and I hope any of you who usually struggle… Read more »

  • What is remedial massage?

    9th May, 2017 | by Green Apple Wellness

    What do remedial massage therapists do? Remedial massage therapists have the ability to discover soft tissue problems using their hands and fingers. Palpation is a special skill that allows a therapist to feel tissue changes and what needs attention. Trained for over 12 months, remedial massage therapists are knowledgeable in many techniques to help release… Read more »

  • The Weekly Bite – May 01, Issue 2223

    3rd May, 2017 | by Green Apple Wellness

    Hi All, Brian and I attended the local ANZAC service, outside the Bald Hills “Lest we forget” Hall.  I think it was the largest gathering I have ever seen there and as usual, it was very moving.  If all the children who attended keep participating year after year, I can see the ANZAC Day tradition… Read more »

  • The Weekly Bite

    26th April, 2017 | by Green Apple Wellness

    Hi All, Brian and I hope all our Green Apple Team and all of you had a happy, stress-free Easter. We managed to get quite a few jobs completed during our four day shut down. It is amazing how long some things take and they can’t be done when the Centre is open. We know… Read more »

  • Keeping Your Spine Healthy: 5 Exercises for Back Pain

    24th April, 2017 | by excitemedia

    You’re only as young as your spine is healthy. At least that is what Joseph Pilates (creator of Pilates exercise) used to say. His exact words were “If your spine is inflexibly stiff at 30, you are old. If it is completely flexible at 60, you are young.” Needless to say, our spine health is… Read more »

  • 8 tips to staying healthy this Easter

    10th April, 2017 | by excitemedia

    For those working hard on their fitness, weight loss and general health goals, Easter is a hard time of year. Surrounded by aisles of chocolate in the groceries, family/friend who purchase chocolate for you or eat it constantly in front of you. So, to make the Easter holiday easier for you, we have compiled 7… Read more »

  • The Right Amount of Water to Drink Everyday

    22nd November, 2016 | by Green Apple Wellness

    How can you tell? It’s crass, but the classic way is to see how coloured your urine is. The lighter it is, the more hydrated you are with the best being pale to clear. Sometimes it’s hard to drink water, you may not like the taste or rarely feel “thirsty” but there is a myriad… Read more »

  • Relaxation Tips

    10th November, 2016 | by Green Apple Wellness

    Many of my clients often say that they find it hard to relax. I think that we have the perception that relaxing is easy, however in the modern day, where everyone is going all the time, just finding the time to relax is often very hard and so being able to actually relax often eludes… Read more »