• How to Cope With the Aftermath of Christmas and Easter

    30th April, 2024 | by Victoria Gill

    It’s been an interesting journey in the last 40 years owning and managing the Green Apple Wellness Centre. One of the areas of interest for me has been how people in general react to certain times of the year, for example directly after Christmas, and often after Easter because it compounds some of the thoughts… Read more »

  • “Identity-first” or “Person-first”. Which Approach Works Best?

    12th March, 2024 | by Victoria Gill

    You probably remember the very first time you came to Green Apple and the initial consultation you had to have a chat about what you were wanting to achieve and the reasons you wanted to achieve it. You may have done this initial consultation with me. Meeting people and helping them find the pathway that will… Read more »

  • 2024 – What is your quote this year?

    12th March, 2024 | by Victoria Gill

    Hi to All Green Apples! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year and are now back on track with your healthy habits – exercise program perhaps and some healthy interesting additions to your diet. We can help you with your plans for 2024. Here are some great quotes to give us a… Read more »

  • Christmas Missive to Green Apple Members

    11th December, 2023 | by Victoria Gill

    Christmas Missive to Green Apple Members This is the first year that we have resorted to sending you an email at Christmas time instead of our normal massive Christmas post out. I have to tell you that it is not my first choice of communication at this very special time of year however we have… Read more »

  • “A Christmas Thank You to all Green Apples”

    7th December, 2023 | by Victoria Gill

    “A Christmas Thank You to all Green Apples” One of the biggest pleasures I experience, regularly and often, is when a member tells me about “the wonderful staff” or when they single out one of the Green Apple team to praise, and to share with me the difference that person has made in their life. … Read more »


    9th October, 2023 | by Victoria Gill

    TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY FASCIA I have been fascinated by the world of fascia since the first research results were released. Right from the start I realised that we were discovering something about our bodies that was absolutely critical in understanding movement, recovery from surgery, why it was possible for kangaroos to leap and… Read more »

  • Managing Your Exercise in the Summer Heat This Year

    12th September, 2023 | by Victoria Gill

    I was listening to the ABC recently on the topic of climate change and the possible increase in heat and humidity we may experience over summer. It made me recall a recent conversation I had with my sister Hilary in Munich and my sister Elizabeth in Rome, when they were describing the very hot conditions… Read more »

  • TAI CHI for Fun, for Social Interaction and for Health Benefits

    7th August, 2023 | by Victoria Gill

    Tai Chi exercise is a great “fit” with the culture and philosophies within Green Apple and we are excited to have a qualified Teh Nei Chia Chuan Style Tai Chi instructor available and keen to share this amazing exercise form with you. We plan to offer a daytime class on Tuesday morning from 10.30am till… Read more »


    27th June, 2023 | by Victoria Gill

    Yes, it’s true! It is possible to reduce your healthcare costs by hundreds or even thousands of dollars if you do your “body-housekeeping”. Recently I had the occasion to need consultations with an excellent Rheumatologist. There was a possibility that I might have to resort to a particularly unpleasant medication to treat a painful condition…. Read more »

  • Why do I prefer to employ Exercise Physiologists in the Green Apple Wellness Centre rather than Physiotherapists?

    11th May, 2023 | by Victoria Gill

    What is the difference between an Exercise Physiologist and a Physiotherapist ? Both Exercise Physiologists and Physiotherapists are university qualified and allied health professionals. Both Exercise Physiologists and Physiotherapists are eligible for Medicare rebates as allied health professionals and also for Private Health Fund rebates. They will both understand anatomy and physiology and how your… Read more »