• Inspirational Story: Beryl Boyd

    8th November, 2018 | by Green Apple Wellness

    Here is an inspirational story from long-time member, Beryl Boyd.

  • Inspirational Story: Members trip to Bhutan

    24th October, 2018 | by Sonya Marshall

    I had an amazing time on my recent trip to Bhutan and my training and guidance certainly prepared me to gain the most from my experience.  Bhutan is a beautiful country in the Himalayas with spectacular, mountainous landscapes.  The greatest challenge is to climb to the amazing Tiger’s Nest Monastery – at a height of… Read more »

  • Spring Time Exercise

    10th September, 2018 | by Sonya Marshall

    I always think that Spring is a wonderful time to think about expanding my exercise options to make the most of the crisp lighter hours in the morning and evening. At the Green Apple we open at 5.30am and in Winter the challenge is to stay focussed on the results we want. No-one enjoys getting… Read more »